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Living in Times of Dragons: The Remnant King Book One” by John A Pretorius.

I will start off by saying I love Dragons they elicit a certain sense of magic that feels otherworldly and also very true.  So, I was excited to get my hands on this book for that reason, what I found blew me away.

I have never read a book like this before. The way the Dragon Lore was presented and manifested into a real-world South Africa was astonishing.  John A. Pretorius did an unbelievable job of building a bridge between fantasy and reality.  And that is how it felt.

It felt as though the dragons were crossing the veil of a dream into the real world.

The Main Character Roger Rommel finds himself caught between a dream and reality as the world around him starts to change in the most frightening ways possible.  Those dreams he thought were dreams of Dragons are in fact real.  And Rommel must learn why the dragons are after him while keeping himself and his son alive as they traverse into a Land of Unicorns and Dragons.

The use of different Dragon breeds and sects of dragons was something I had never seen done before along with the way Dragon Magic and Lore worked.  It was a lesson in Dragons and their history for me as well as an incredible tale of a man caught way past his assumed capabilities that not even God could save him from.

To me, this was also a story of a Father raised without a family trying to be the Father he never had while falling short of his mission to his son and to God.  Roger seemed to find himself through some of the most mind-bending and painful ways.  All the while trying to hold on to who he thought he was and the family he once had.

Learning that he is not as helpless as he once thought but possess a power that is key in the coming war of Man and Dragon.  Roger spends a great deal of time caught directly in the middle of the War not sure who he is fighting for or why a lot of the time.  As his character grows in power so does his sense of purpose.  I do not envy the man’s mission, I felt myself at times feeling for what a terribly horrific situation he was in and the sheer exhaustion he must have felt at the weight of his reality.

The description of the world and the characters were incredible, it all had such a visceral feel to it.  I felt myself running in panic from the Dragons in the Streets of South Africa, while I also felt the darkness, and isolation of the caves, and jungle that Roger Rommel and his son Ian must Traverse to overcome the threat of Dragons that want to end the reign of mankind, and take back the world that they believe is their rightful place.

The characters from human to dragon all brought a distinct voice that was profoundly different and brought to life in an incredible Narrative that you have to see to believe.  The Dragons are still speaking in my dreams actually.  Using their Pyric powers.

In Times of Dragon was not short of Action, gut-wrenching violent moments and mind-bending, heart aching realities.

If you are a fan of Dragon’s, high octane fast paced action, with an intelligently thought out world and characters.  Then this book is for you.

So, grab a bottle of liquid soap and jump into “Living in times of Dragons: The Remnant King Book One.”  You will love this beautifully detailed world of Dragons and Magic by John A. Pretorius I know I did.






I do a lot of book reviews and every time I read a new book especially one I really enjoy I tend to try and create new profound ways to tell others how incredible the literature I just read really is.

Well, here I am again and trying to come up with words to elicit the emotion and depth of my Love for this book.

All I continue to think is, “My God this is so cool.  This is so Cool.  This is Sooooooo Coooool.  This is Jazz.”

My “Brain-Meat” was plugged into the Matrix and I experienced every twist and turn of our incredible Heroine, Cally… Calico… Meili… Don’t call her the last one.

I felt my cybernetic feet firmly on the ground in this beautifully realized Cyber-Punk Novel about an Augmented woman trying to define what her humanity really means through saving another who would be considered far less than human.

Callie and Pix are a team of “Troubleshooters” a nice term for cyber thieves, along with some other friends that color this beautiful world.  I could smell the sulfur in the air from the pollution of the future.

Callie is a badass Cyborg with more humanity in a strand of her Neon hair than many of the “purebloods” that make up the rest of the world.

The action in this one is so utterly satisfying, the author does a fantastic job of building suspense in a hurry and making you feel like you are in the fight of your life.

Callie is a genuine character that you root for and although bad things continue to crop up in her life, she continues to remain true to her morals, true to her values and shows the heart and character of a true futuristic Anti-hero, Robin hood esque.  If Robin Hood was a female, Bi-sexual, Cyborg, half-caucasian half-Asian, with and a heart of Gold.

Oh, and the Sci-fi was done so well.  The way artificial intelligence was explained along with the description of some other key elements in the futuristic world blew my mind.  It felt both realistic like it was completely plausible for the near future and also fantastical enough that it took my breath away.

If you are a fan of Cool Ass Books and being entertained from beginning to end you will Love Neon Calico.

I know I did, I dreamt about the damn thing hahaha.

Top Marks for this Cyber-Punk Novel.


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Sherrie and I reenact my favorite scene from KLS-9 between Isaiah and Kerry. KLS-9 is available on Amazon along with the Sequel Saber 6

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My Full Written review:

Matt Whiteside

April 3, 2019

Have you ever read a book and felt like someone was massaging your brain with coconut oil and chocolate.

Well, that’s how KLS-9 was for me. What an incredibly cool, sexy, superpowered, traumatic, psychological story.

It didn’t knock my socks off or blow me away. It laid me down like a feather on a bed… a bed of explosives, and kissed my wick with a nuclear bomb for lips. As my mind was ignited in a fully realized future reality, where most of humanity has gone to hell in a handbasket.

I could feel the blood dripping from the ceiling in the government facility after the Massacre.

I could hear Kerry’s other half howling in her mind. I could see the scars that perforated and laced the pieces of Kerry together.

From being so horribly beaten and broken because of powers born to her. From being torn apart and rebuilt into a weapon for others biding.

I felt Kerry’s pain and suffering and I watched as she kicked the living sh** out of everyone and everything that hurt her.

I saw her love and embrace people even when her memory failed her as her world was split in two in her mind.

God, I loved this book. Some of the scenes had me laughing out loud, like Isaiah in the Bar as Kerry messes with his mind was pure magic.

Amazing work by the Author Leigh Grissom

The way you write is a fine meal to be appreciated and the deliciously edible pieces that you feed us are both rich and savory.

I highly recommend KLS-9 it is 300pages of ecstasy.

Oh and that ending… Wow, I can’t wait to read the second book is all I will say.


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The more and more I think about this book the more it strikes me as to what an incredible achievement this is. Andrew C. McDonald wrote an action-packed thrill ride full of love, heart, stomach-turning violence, and fully realized characters. With a protagonist, you see go through hell set up shop and become the devil before finding his way home.

What makes me love this book so much is that Andrew captured the essence of what it means to be human and make choices based off of horrible past events.

I was able to relate with even the worst of the Characters as they went about their tormented lives. Which I do not feel often in reading.
The Main character Thomas Mazuko is a man that takes action that at first you see him as the hero that gets a really terrible break which leads to a series of horrific and nightmarish events that lead him down a path of vengeance that seems to corrupt his very soul to the point of breaking until an old friend brings him back with an as s kicking.

The story wove together so many diff character arcs in a seamless fashion.

Punishment and Good Deeds was non stop action and for a book that is over 400 pages that is a feat.

There are some hot and steamy sex scenes that were done so well you would think you were reading a romance.

There are also some scenes of intense sexual violence, physical violence, and profanity.

The one small issue I had with the story was a few instances of head hopping, in 3rd person close narrative.

If you are looking for a pulse-pounding, blockbuster book with a smorgasbord of real-life hardcore action that will keep you absolutely hooked.

You will love this book, I know I did.

I used to work at Amherst Global and Damien treated me like crap. He was a shrewd businessman that never really spent time getting to know the employees. His Daughter Keira was a real Peach soft pink and juicy. She always seemed afraid tho like she had a boogie man following her. -Bob the Janitor

I have never read a romance novel before and to be honest this was not what I expected a romance novel to be. While the chemistry and passion were there the guns and suspense really impressed me. And made my first excursion into the erotic romance genre much easier.

Seriously this book was not what I was expecting. It was a wild ride full of twists and turns some hardcore fighting mixed in with some hardcore f***ing.

The Author did a great job creating an atmospheric world for the Characters to live in.  The characters, by the way, were just that some serious characters.  Damien Amherst was the Prick father that you loved to hate. Keira Amherst was the Damsel in distress with a smoking body that you wanted to save and Logan was an Ass kicking Mans man with a heart of gold.

The action and suspense kept me hooked and the erotic sex scenes kept me Hot.  Throw in the twists and turns of some seriously messed up people and you got a recipe for a fantastic story.

I read the book in two days because I couldn’t put it down.  I hear tell that there is another one the way and I can’t wait to see it.

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