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“Freedom and The Will to Move Forward” is an exhilarating philosophical guide to locate and nourish our own individual compass.

“One of the most important and fundamental units of society is the family” -Grady Harp Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewer

“Interesting Book” -Valery E

Look for the compass and the journey begins. What is this compass?

We live in a world of technology, ideologies, and government influence. But, philosophy is at the root of everything and this is about modern day Transcendentalism compared to Romanticism and Intellectualism. Not knowing or misunderstanding these things has the potential to create confusion and misdirection getting us lost. With every opinion of conventional wisdom out there we need to know where we come from, where we are at, and where we’re going. In doing this we need to know how to distinguish various types of information, what we see, and hear.

“Freedom and The Will to Move Forward: A Compass For Today’s World” provides

the reader with a map and guide to find their inner compass, teaching them how to navigate through the noise, find the blessings of spirituality, enjoy love, and draw closer to God. A person cannot use a compass if they don’t have a map.

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Elena is part of a generation of artificially created children.
Believed to be humankind’s last hope, they have only one purpose: to breed.
Elena, however, doesn’t want children.

If she goes against the Council, she risks losing everything she ever cared about.

When her world is attacked, threatening to end their very way of life, Elena must fight for her, and her peers’, right to live how they want and make their own choices.

Compared to WOOL by Hugh Howey, THE HANDMAIDS TALE by Margaret Atwood and THE DEEDS OF PAKSENARRION by Elizabeth Moon, ARTIFICIAL GENERATION is a book about human and woman rights, fear of what you don’t understand, and finding one’s self.

’’A thought-provoking tale that is magnificent in describing how the main character becomes a heroine.’’
– Patrik Sahlstrøm, author of Books of Future Darkness



Chester K. Eddy isn’t completely honest. But he’s trying to be.

When the struggling New York stage actor decides being totally open and honest is exactly the change he needs in his life, Chester doesn’t expect being so obnoxiously transparent will only make things worse. After his brother kicks him out, his favorite bar cuts him off, and his best pal Melissa tells him she needs a break from their friends-with-benefits relationship, Chester quickly has few people left who still want to listen to him and his self-professed Honesty Movement.

Along his way to newfound self-discovery, Chester will finagle his way into the tenuous role of Director’s Assistant for a small-time theatre’s production of an unknown play; he’ll accidentally attend Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings; he’ll find himself in the company of suspected serial killers; he’ll drink a bit too much. And he might even have an eye-opening encounter with a talking dinosaur.

But there’s one truth Chester realizes he hasn’t been capable of admitting: he’s in love with Melissa. And he can’t be completely honest until he’s ready to tell her as much.

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I do a lot of book reviews and every time I read a new book especially one I really enjoy I tend to try and create new profound ways to tell others how incredible the literature I just read really is.

Well, here I am again and trying to come up with words to elicit the emotion and depth of my Love for this book.

All I continue to think is, “My God this is so cool.  This is so Cool.  This is Sooooooo Coooool.  This is Jazz.”

My “Brain-Meat” was plugged into the Matrix and I experienced every twist and turn of our incredible Heroine, Cally… Calico… Meili… Don’t call her the last one.

I felt my cybernetic feet firmly on the ground in this beautifully realized Cyber-Punk Novel about an Augmented woman trying to define what her humanity really means through saving another who would be considered far less than human.

Callie and Pix are a team of “Troubleshooters” a nice term for cyber thieves, along with some other friends that color this beautiful world.  I could smell the sulfur in the air from the pollution of the future.

Callie is a badass Cyborg with more humanity in a strand of her Neon hair than many of the “purebloods” that make up the rest of the world.

The action in this one is so utterly satisfying, the author does a fantastic job of building suspense in a hurry and making you feel like you are in the fight of your life.

Callie is a genuine character that you root for and although bad things continue to crop up in her life, she continues to remain true to her morals, true to her values and shows the heart and character of a true futuristic Anti-hero, Robin hood esque.  If Robin Hood was a female, Bi-sexual, Cyborg, half-caucasian half-Asian, with and a heart of Gold.

Oh, and the Sci-fi was done so well.  The way artificial intelligence was explained along with the description of some other key elements in the futuristic world blew my mind.  It felt both realistic like it was completely plausible for the near future and also fantastical enough that it took my breath away.

If you are a fan of Cool Ass Books and being entertained from beginning to end you will Love Neon Calico.

I know I did, I dreamt about the damn thing hahaha.

Top Marks for this Cyber-Punk Novel.


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I had the wonderful fortune of getting to design a book trailer for the wonderful

Marian L. Thorpe. For more about her and her books go to

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