Interview and Book Review W/ M.D Poole Author of “Salt & Light: Being The Hands and Feet of Christ.” Out Now.

saltandlightSalt & Light:

Being the Hands and Feet of Christ

By Matt Poole


This is a written interview with author Matt Poole.  Questions have been given by Matt Whiteside


Q:  Tell me about what inspired you to write this book?

A: I’ve seen the destruction both physically and spiritually that officers face first-hand. I had been writing “ideas” for years, but I really sat down and decided to write a book my first year sober. I didn’t really set out to have a book, but that’s where God led me.


Q:  How has writing “Salt & Light” changed your perspective on the world?  What new insights do you have?

A: I try to see everyone I meet as Jesus. I treat everyone as though they are due love, because they are. It helps me through difficult situations on a daily basis. Mercy and grace are both unmerited and unearned gifts that God has given all of us, and it’s our job to show them as well.


Q:  When has your faith been tested, and how do you handle doubt?

A: Years of seeing the same horrible things over and over can really take a toll on anyone. I have been at a point where I didn’t trust God, and didn’t want to, but I still believed in Him. I still believed He was there. I just didn’t want to do what he wanted me to do. It led to many years wasted, many nights forgotten, and days lived in fear.

I finally placed all of my trust in God, and now doubt is dispelled quickly.


Q:  What is the goal of “Salt & Light”, what do you hope readers get out of it?

A: Salt & Light is geared toward officers realizing that this job, this world, can cause issues that begin crippling our Christian identities, which in turn can lead to many of the horrible circumstances that are often seen in our line of work. High divorce rate, alcohol or substance abuse, suicide. This book tries to show them (whether practicing Christians or not) that we as servants can rely on the Word of God to help us through the situations we encounter on a daily basis, and help us all become better public servants.


Q: In a world where faith and religion are constantly made fun of or called into question, how do you continue to be a vessel for God to work through?

A: I honestly don’t care. My will is to do God’s will. I want to wake up and give glory to God every day. I want my work, whether it is at the station, writing, or just out and about, to glorify God. I find peace in that; I find reward in it, and happiness. I don’t need likes and shares. I’ve run into opposition, and I meet it head on with a Godly approach. I know who fights for me. Plus, I’m the police. I’m use to personal attacks, people questioning your every move, criticizing all your words. If their viewing it enough to poke fun at it, maybe they’ll learn a thing or two someday.


Q:  Are you planning on writing more books?

A: I am currently writing two books, one of which is under contract with DWB Publishing. “A Soul On Fire” is a speculative fiction (crime/fiction) book intended to be a series. It’s about a detective working multiple arsons connected to child abductions, who finds himself working with an angel to stop a tormented soul and his partner in crime. The book aims to show how the devil uses grief against us in a battle for souls. I would describe it as Seven meets Highway To Heaven.

The second is a speculative fiction piece that I would consider “Lewistopian” as I attempt to follow in the footsteps of Clive Staples Lewis. It’s aimed to be a short piece that mirrors “Pilgrim’s Regress” but from the angel of delivering the message of Christianity, instead of coming to faith.


Q: When did you first begin writing and believe, one day you could write a book and be a published author?

A: I started writing in grade school. Up through my early adult years, I wrote music, lyrics, and poems. When I was young I wanted to be a writer, even had a pen name, “David Crest.” It really wasn’t something I had thought about for a long time until I felt God calling me to write last year.

Q:  How has the publishing process been for you?  How did you find your publisher?

A: The process has been great to me. I did my homework. I was looking for a small traditional publisher that matched the genre I was writing and then looked to see which one didn’t have a work like mine. I wrote to the Editor and asked some questions, requested their submission policy along with a pre-submission worksheet, and then sent my manuscript off.  I couldn’t believe how quickly I heard back and had a contract. Blessed is how I felt. DWB Publishing has been great throughout the whole process. Editing, idea sharing, graphics. Just real wonderful people.


Q: What is your long term goal for this book and your writing career?

A: I want this work to be fruitful. I want to do my part to spread God’s message. I want officers to see what they can gain by changing some of their views, and how great an impact that can have on their personal and work lives. Even if you’re not a Christian, this book points to flaws in our policing of people, in our treatment of people (even if you’re not an officer), and how we all, in general, can be better people.


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Connect With Matt Poole:M.D Poole’s Website

My Review of “Salt & Light”

Salt & Light, was like eating Soul food.  I felt replenished, I felt connected, I felt restored.

M.D Poole did an incredible job of tying scripture into his personal struggles as a “Peace Officer”, as a father, husband, and recovering alcoholic.  M.D Poole writes with incredible power and clarity.  Although I am not a Police Officer I could relate to the heart of service that M.D Poole speaks to and the weariness that one feels when trying to do good in a world that seems so bad.

After reading about the demons M.D Poole has battled and the way he still goes out and works to sow love and peace into peoples lives, I feel inspired to do more of the same in my own life.

I can say that I feel closer to my creator and more at peace with the world having read “Salt & Light”  I found myself looking to it for solace after a long day and feeling connected to something greater than myself while reading.

I have found that peace in this life can be hard to come by, it seems fleeting and never quite in step with me.  However, reading the accounts of M.D Poole and how he practices incredible faith in the face of a crazy world brought a stillness to my soul that is hard to put words to.

I can not recommend this book more highly, whether you are a police officer or not, we can all learn how to be more loving, more civil, and be the “Salt and Light” of this earth.  I am so happy I was given the opportunity to read this book, but more importantly, I feel blessed to know the heart of the man that wrote it is out in his community serving with Love.


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