Be Your Own Super Hero: Episode 1-Guest Blog Nadine Kimmage

Super herosIf you are unfamiliar with what this is, let me tell you.  I asked some writer friends if they would like to showcase their writing skills on my blog, by creating their own superhero.   More Accurately, who they see themselves as if they had superpowers.  What is important to them?  Ideals, values, purpose, abilities, and vulnerabilities.

I met Nadine on Twitter as she is apart of the #writingcommunity on there.  Ever since my first interaction with her I knew she was hilarious, open and unafraid to be herself. It has been such a pleasure to get to know her. She is also a published Author her book Replenish is out now on Amazon.  Nadine also Blogs and does Author interviews on her Web site   Here is her Submission to…

Be Your Own Super Hero Friday

Nadine Kimmage

I have many names – death, Hel, Pluto, Hades, and known by so many others, I wish humans would stop thinking of me as the end, I may be the end of one thing, but in true style, I am not the end of everything, merely making way for more of you lovely souls, most of you come back time and time again, it is an endless cycle. As I once heard – Life is a beautiful lie, while I am the ugly truth, I am despised by every living being, you call me every name under the sun, you say I take loved ones away and it all hurts, it hurts me to a point you make me cry. I am truly misunderstood, and I hope that when you have finished reading this, that you might see me in a different light.

I think you would love to know what my powers are (besides taking you away, apparently), so here they are with my explanation – Firstly, I am immortal to most extents, more about that a little later, I am as old as time itself, I have watched the Earth and the universe grow, I have seen civilizations come and go and I have watched you humans evolve. Secondly, I rule over all the realm of death, it is not as dark as one might think, there are good and bad places here, depends upon how you have acted during life, flowers do not really thrive here, though there are such humanly things as grass, day, night, my realm is a reflection of your world, most souls wander freely here. Thirdly, Invisibility, I walk your world and the universe unseen, unless I choose to be seen, on Earth I take the form of a female human, in that form I am seen as a mere mortal nothing more, which is nice, it makes a change from you all perceiving me as a robed figure with a scythe coming to chop you all down, the walls, buildings and so forth are of no matter to me, as I walk through them with ease, since I am much older than buildings physics is no issue to me, on another note about invisibility – in Greek mythology, I (as Hades) can wear a helmet called the helm of darkness which turns me invisible, neat trick, don’t you agree? My fourth power is a mix of two – knowledge and communications, I hold inside me infinite knowledge of almost everything (worlds, other races, the keys to various things), something which you humans possess, should you choose to tap into it, though your knowledge pales in comparison to mine, communication, I am able to speak with every living thing in the universe, nothing is out of my reach and I am truly thankful for that.

As to my vulnerability or vulnerabilities, you may think I am invincible? Well, you would be wrong, one is out of my hands, the other is my own doing technically speaking and I shall explain this now. Stated above is immortality, to an extent, because once the end of everything comes (if it ever happens, I am not a fortune teller) then I too, die, along with everything else, until then I shall carry out my duties forthwith. Over a vast amount of time, more so over the past thousand years or so, I have developed both a personality (which was not given to such things as I) and a whole lot of humanity, I have a soft spot for you humans, for all the bad you create, somewhere in the world there is a human with a bright spark within them, they go about their lives trying to make other lives more bearable, I do feel sorry for you all and you confuse the heck out of me at times, my humanity extends far and wide, I am truly appalled at what you humans can inflict upon other human beings, why do you do such things? Not to mention what horror you can inflict upon other species; how can you justify that? I have not yet met a human who can truly answer that question and believe me, I have asked it countless times. Personality, I love music for a start, whatever mood I am in, I can find the right music to suit me, although I cannot love in the way you do, I can feel it, I hurt, I laugh, I cry, all the things a human and other species can do, like I said above, that is my own doing, yet, I am thankful for feelings even though they drive me insane, something does annoy me greatly, the fact that some of you refuse to acknowledge mental health, please wake up, it exists just as I do, you’re doing no good refusing to accept that mental health is important.

I am not sure how I got my powers, perhaps I was granted them upon my creation? I have never asked that question as I doubt I will get an answer, questions are usually a human thing but as time progresses, I ask more and more questions. The evolution of death is part of a bigger cycle – that of life, death, and rebirth.

I guess my values are rather simple – Justice, humor, fairness, open-mindedness, flexibility, truth and the ability to stand up for what I believe in, even if that means standing alone. Justice is vital, though in your world justice is not always served but there are humans who make sure that justice is served, I love that about you humans, some of you think you can out step it, no, you cannot, for when you meet me, justice will be served. Humour, I learned this from you humans, it seems to get you through life’s little issues, in my job, I need humor, again I do love it when you humans laugh, it is a welcome relief from the tedious boredom I end up getting, even though I am almost always busy. Fairness is something which is seriously lacking in your world, it kind of destroys me that fairness is absent, I am fair, I treat you, all the same, no matter if you were rich poor and so forth, although I did not mention this, hope is another lovely thing, keep a hold of hope, it is the last shred of strength. I am open-minded, open to all possibilities and potential. Flexibility – sometimes I can bend the rules and allow you peace, perhaps an extension, even if it is a few seconds more life. Truth, because nothing escapes my gaze, you cannot hide what you have done from me, I see through it, the lies, the deceit, and the excuses. I am alone in my world in a sense, so I stand up for what I think is right, I stand up and I am heard, the Earth and the universe tremble, sometimes I stand up for you humans, but for some humans, I would like to see justice being delivered to you and it will come.

I have no ideals, simply because nothing is perfect and that is the way it should be, imperfections should be celebrated not shied away from, embrace who you are, even the bad, in time, it might make you stronger than you know.

All the above is important for me to do my job, I do a lot of observing, funny that you try to hide from me, I will find you, eventually, just know this – death is never the end, truly it is the beginning of something new, a new path in a different place, I have thoughts and feelings too, so instead of running from me, sit down, have a drink of coffee with me, let’s talk about your passions in life, for this lights you up more than you will ever know. Without acceptance of me, you do not truly ‘live’.


Link to my interview with Nadine

Link to Nadine’s Book Replenish



Published by Matthew Whiteside

I am a writer, a storyteller, a yarn-spinning freakazoid. My life is full of two things today, lessons and blessings. I write fiction mostly but I also love to write about my life and the things I go through on a daily basis. Writing it out inspires and motivates me and that's why I do it. Plus if it does that for me maybe it will for someone else too.

18 thoughts on “Be Your Own Super Hero: Episode 1-Guest Blog Nadine Kimmage

  1. This is a great share! Death 🙂 wow! The ultimate power (at least because we are all equal in its presence)
    I saw your post and started to think about a story but I’m not finding time to focus and write something but I probably will even if I couldn’t meet your invitation deadline 🙂

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      1. Ha! That’s slightly less impressive. But I’m sure they’re all brilliant and more people will try their hand at it after some brave souls break the ice.

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