Policing Without Killing: Science or Science Fiction by Matthew Poole

I had a dream last night. I was sitting in a room with a group of people for what seemed to be some type of debrief or grief counselling group that involved people whose family members were victims of a recent active shooter. Four things stuck out in detail. 1. There was a man leadingContinue reading “Policing Without Killing: Science or Science Fiction by Matthew Poole”

Exclusive Character Reveal with WB Welch Co-Author of “The Last Letter” #UniWebinterviewshow

Find out how you can get an early copy of The Last Letter, by watching the interview.

“Talking Through Glass: A Higher Calling” Guest Blog By Matthew Poole

This will be longwinded for some. You may call it venting. I offer it as a wake up call for some and a challenge for others. We live in an age that sees us pandering for the next like, click, share, follow or comment as we speed through our timelines 15 posts per second. EyesContinue reading ““Talking Through Glass: A Higher Calling” Guest Blog By Matthew Poole”

The Filth in our Stars #WritingCommunity

Am I made of dirt or stars? I have my head caught in the stars searching for a meaning to everything thinking… thinking… thinking. My mind is incapable of conceptualizing that which brought me to this earthly plane, yet still I think about it and wonder. As if the harder I think the closer IContinue reading “The Filth in our Stars #WritingCommunity”

“A Relationship Worth Saving” #writingcommunity #sundayfunday #sundaythoughts

All of life is spent in relation to something else. The way my fingers are in relation to the keys of my keyboard express the letters that in relation to each other form words. So everything is in relation to everything else such as my eyes and body are capable of perceiving light produced byContinue reading ““A Relationship Worth Saving” #writingcommunity #sundayfunday #sundaythoughts”

What’s The Point?

What is it, what is the fucking point of pushing and pulling striving and straining?  Moving at a pace that seems frantic all for what? Who are we trying to impress? What are we trying to earn? Trying to be better than what? What are we?  Where is the standard?  I know a lot ofContinue reading “What’s The Point?”