A Darkness Building (Audio) #poetry

The loss of all life inside the estuary brought about more minions of death and doom than he was able to handle. His instincts had led him down this road, fighting every demon with righteous wrath and a Feral call to the God of heaven that appeared before him in his darkest moments. All theContinue reading “A Darkness Building (Audio) #poetry”

The Selfish Shellfish

One day there was a lonely crab walking on the beach. He had been alone for aslong as he could remember and thanks to his shell it would stay that way. See the crab hated other crabs. He didn’t like the way they smelled, or looked with their buggy eyes and claws that were alwaysContinue reading “The Selfish Shellfish”

Withstanding The Chaotic Energy of This Holiday Season.

Welcome back, I say to myself.  You all have been here as I have been in a form of spiritual and experiential hiatus.  It went great, thanks for asking. Now to the business of this writing. You may have noticed something in the past few weeks.  This sense of dread, of confusion, of FEAR.  IfContinue reading “Withstanding The Chaotic Energy of This Holiday Season.”

Available Now: “The Incredible Rhett Smiley: Infinity’s Mirror” By Matt Whiteside

I think you might like this book: http://a.co/1A0L6Cl DESCRIPTION So you want to be a writer? I mean how tough can writing a book be, especially with all the self-publishing services out there? Rhett Smiley a 22-year-Old stay at home son is going to learn the hard way what it means to struggle for yourContinue reading “Available Now: “The Incredible Rhett Smiley: Infinity’s Mirror” By Matt Whiteside”

From 0 to Funny: My Journey to become a Standup Comedian

I have begun a journey in search of living my dream to do the thing that I have felt called to do.  Stand in front of the world and make you laugh. I am two weeks in to a life long journey of becoming professionally funny and I realized the first time I got onContinue reading “From 0 to Funny: My Journey to become a Standup Comedian”

The Race of Human: We Are Not Separate #WritingCommunity #SaturdayMotivation

I woke up in a dark room, that’s good because I turned the light off before I fell asleep and if somehow it turned on while I was sleeping then I would think, “is there a ghost?” I wake up unhappy a lot.  I am not unhappy I see the man sitting in a darkContinue reading “The Race of Human: We Are Not Separate #WritingCommunity #SaturdayMotivation”

Exclusive Character Reveal with WB Welch Co-Author of “The Last Letter” #UniWebinterviewshow

Find out how you can get an early copy of The Last Letter, by watching the interview.

Life is Freaking Long. #WritingCommunity #FridayFeeling

I was out working today on a new project and I looked around as I was sitting in traffic. There was a man riding a motorcycle in slacks and dress shoes in front of me, like a cowboy on a work release program, it didn’t quiet fit. I was struck with the thought, we wasteContinue reading “Life is Freaking Long. #WritingCommunity #FridayFeeling”

I am Grateful- Golden Moments. #MondayMotivation #WritingCommunity

I am Grateful today,  Immensely grateful. For so many things, things that were not even a reality to me 11 months ago. Spending time with my children, just cheering on my son as he plays little league baseball and the feeling of pride and joy I get from watching him.  Remembering the days spent inContinue reading “I am Grateful- Golden Moments. #MondayMotivation #WritingCommunity”