Withstanding The Chaotic Energy of This Holiday Season.

Welcome back, I say to myself.  You all have been here as I have been in a form of spiritual and experiential hiatus.  It went great, thanks for asking. Now to the business of this writing. You may have noticed something in the past few weeks.  This sense of dread, of confusion, of FEAR.  IfContinue reading “Withstanding The Chaotic Energy of This Holiday Season.”

Allowing The Lead to be Gold- Upon Awakening.

We learn what it means to Be anything and everything. Enjoy the Podcast it’s a good one. Link below. https://anchor.fm/matthew-whiteside/episodes/Allowing-the-Lead-to-be-Gold-e9gns7

Exclusive Character Reveal with WB Welch Co-Author of “The Last Letter” #UniWebinterviewshow

Find out how you can get an early copy of The Last Letter, by watching the interview.

Transcending The Poverty of Money! #writingcommunity #MondayMotivation

Many times I struggle with this an idea of success and well-being hinge precariously on the amount of revenue streaming into my bank account or the accruement of goods. It happens a lot for me, I will be in a blissfully joyful state and not thinking of any reason that my life requires more stuffContinue reading “Transcending The Poverty of Money! #writingcommunity #MondayMotivation”

This Will Make You Come… To Understand Compound Interest-Life Hack

What in the Hell is Compound interest and why is it important to your life?  You may be asking your self, “Matt, what’s up with these sexy animals you keep posting pictures of and writing words about?” Here is what’s up with that.  I discovered the secret to life and to many people an ArticleContinue reading “This Will Make You Come… To Understand Compound Interest-Life Hack”

Mystery Blogger Award Gift- I won! Because I am the best. And I have no ego

WooooHoooo!!!!  I am so excited.  The amazing and talented Huguetta, presented me with this awesome award on Saturday, THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD, and honestly, when I first saw it I got this rush of goosebumps and tears welled up in my eyes. To be recognized by your peers for the work that you do is one of theContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award Gift- I won! Because I am the best. And I have no ego”

Be Your Own Super Hero

Our infatuation with superpowered beings has been something that has permeated the human experience in all of recorded history. It makes us feel lifted and inspired to believe that there are versions of our selves with incredible otherworldly abilities.  I have loved superheroes since I was a child and always saw myself as the heroContinue reading “Be Your Own Super Hero”

Are You Willing To Suck?

Hello there, my name is Matt.  I am in a state of upheaval and chaotic mental insanity. What’s your name? Last night after all my praying an meditating, my meetings and writing. After all the talking and work I had done spiritually, I wanted to lose my mind.  I wanted it to just poof andContinue reading “Are You Willing To Suck?”

When Did I Become Such A Victim?

This may not be popular or whatever, but it is what I understand for my life, so here it goes. I spent a long time, for me at least, pointing my finger at other people. It was my dad’s fault I was an alcoholic because he left when I was young and he, himself wasContinue reading “When Did I Become Such A Victim?”