There is No Plot. (Language, Violence, and Sex Warning) #writingcommunity #FF

I have no idea as to which way I am headed, the plot of this story is not thought out, in fact, there is no plot what so ever. This is a character-driven story, meaning whichever way my character decides to go the story will move with him. That seems like a great idea, right? Continue reading “There is No Plot. (Language, Violence, and Sex Warning) #writingcommunity #FF”

The Earth is Flat-Full Stream of Consciousness #writingcommunity Excercise.

Disclaimer: This is a writing exercise. I know there is a load of mistakes it is meant to show what this writing exercise may look like and it is ok.  Grammar Nazis Please do not comment.  Below this exercise, you will find what I was warming up to. When in the morning I rise andContinue reading “The Earth is Flat-Full Stream of Consciousness #writingcommunity Excercise.”

Morning Pages-Who you calling idiot? :)

It’s healthy to write all the crap logged inside my flappy brain every morning before I truly begin my day.  By truly begin I mean before I interact with the rest of the world. Why is it important?  Because yesterday was a full day of doing things the right way and doing things the wrongContinue reading “Morning Pages-Who you calling idiot? :)”

This Will Make You Come… To Understand Compound Interest-Life Hack

What in the Hell is Compound interest and why is it important to your life?  You may be asking your self, “Matt, what’s up with these sexy animals you keep posting pictures of and writing words about?” Here is what’s up with that.  I discovered the secret to life and to many people an ArticleContinue reading “This Will Make You Come… To Understand Compound Interest-Life Hack”

The Battle Down Under!!

I had a great time talking with Jared about his journey thus far through life and writing. Jared is working on finding a publisher for his Middle Grade epic Fantasy Novel that is part one of a four part series. We discuss- the querying process, inspiration for writing, Kangaroos and shark attacks. We find outContinue reading “The Battle Down Under!!”

Watch “UniWeb Interview With Matt Whiteside and Guest Author of “My Persian Paradox” Shabnam Curtis- on YouTube

Shabnam Curtis joins me today as we discuss her Memoir of growing up in Iran and her personal Journey to Writing. Shabnam’s story inspires me to remember that no matter where we come from or what obstacles stand in our way, it is up to us to move forward towards our dreams. Links to herContinue reading “Watch “UniWeb Interview With Matt Whiteside and Guest Author of “My Persian Paradox” Shabnam Curtis- on YouTube”

Depressed and Alone

As a species, we spend our lives looking up for meaning and looking to the stars in wonder and question. Are we alone? Is this all there is? Am I all there is? The question has bothered me for some time now, as I struggled with Depression and the feeling of being alone. It’s strangeContinue reading “Depressed and Alone”

Tend the Seeds: My Harvest

Meh, transitions in life can leave me feeling depressed.  No matter how or when they show up, life changes can be disorienting.  I have noticed that my brain will try and trick me from recognizing a change is taking place. The wacky brain delusions happen quite a bit as if my mind is doing everythingContinue reading “Tend the Seeds: My Harvest”

Overwhelmed: Thank you

I am so blown away by the incredible support and interest shown by so many on here and other platforms where I present my thoughts and work. I wanted to take a moment and Say thank you to everyone who follows this blog and most recently my YouTube Channel and my Pod Cast. Last nightContinue reading “Overwhelmed: Thank you”