There is No Plot. (Language, Violence, and Sex Warning) #writingcommunity #FF

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I have no idea as to which way I am headed, the plot of this story is not thought out, in fact, there is no plot what so ever.

This is a character-driven story, meaning whichever way my character decides to go the story will move with him.

That seems like a great idea, right?  But what a headache, in reality, absolute autonomy to a thought process outside of myself.  He is going to go places and do things I don’t want him to.

He is going to become something I could have never imagined or even wanted.  What if he doesn’t want to play along and decides to be done with the story before its over.

What if creating this character means that he will affect other characters out of my control?

Why is there no plot?

There should be a plot.  Right?

I mean what the hell am I doing here if there is no plot?

(You are experiencing the story for the first time.)

Who said that?

(The story is what you wanted and this is how it’s made.  Do not fear the end or even the middle.)

What? But he could get hurt and die or become a monster.

(That is his choice it is his story, the story is the experience you wanted and this is how it works.)

But wait, I will just come up with a plot real quick, ok?  Like he is going to find the women of his dreams get married have kids and become the hero of his family.

(What if he wants more?)

What, why would he need more than that?

(You did.)

You don’t… he isn’t like me… He…

(You have to allow him to discover each part for himself.  Allow his curiosity to guide him.)

But curiosity killed the cat.  You know the saying.

(And it may kill him, but that is the point in all this.)

The point is to die?

(The point is to experience whatever the heart desires.)

But the heart is a wicked, deceitful place.

(Is it? I think you mistake curiosity for evil)

So, if he is curious about murder, let him do that?  You are nuts.

(What is your fear in all of this?  That he will become a murdering rapist, that takes candy from children and hurts puppies?)

Well yeah, What if he does that?

(Would he be the first?)

No, but there shouldn’t be anyone allowed to do those things.

(Well if we close the available paths, what do you think would happen?)

There would be no murder and rape, no bad stuff.

(and how do you think the world would look then?)

Well, it would be ideal, it would be perfect.

(Is that so?)

Yeah, that’s right.

(When you eliminate any Choice even those that you deem despicable, you eliminate all choice.  The journey isn’t a fork in the road the journey isn’t even a branched tree, the journey is an infinite space with room to move in every direction.)

You mean like the ocean?

(Yes like the ocean, or space or how about your own mind for example? Do thoughts always fork or is it a free flow of things?)

Umm… ugh…

(Don’t ignore the question, it’s obvious. You can hardly control all that floats in and out of your own mind. How do you purpose to eliminate that?)

Fine I get it. It doesn’t make it right. Or even fair.

(Well you know the alternative,  not existing at all. And fair is relative what seems unfair to you seems like someone else’s just reward.)

So what’s the point then?

(You have known it all along. The point is the story, not the judgment of the story. Judgment is not your job. Although people do seem to get paid well to judge it’s not how a great story is made.  Allow the story to be told just as it is, because even after you have written the ending to your story it’s not really the end and you don’t know who the story might effect.)

I think I get it. Why is it so hard to let go?

(Because you want to own the world and everything in it. And you fool yourself into believing you can. You think yourself bigger than you are, you think yourself more than a man.

Let go, let it out, just breath.)

Ok, I think I am ready to write now.

(You Are)








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I am a writer, a storyteller, a yarn-spinning freakazoid. My life is full of two things today, lessons and blessings. I write fiction mostly but I also love to write about my life and the things I go through on a daily basis. Writing it out inspires and motivates me and that's why I do it. Plus if it does that for me maybe it will for someone else too.

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