The Race of Human: We Are Not Separate #WritingCommunity #SaturdayMotivation

I woke up in a dark room, that’s good because I turned the light off before I fell asleep and if somehow it turned on while I was sleeping then I would think, “is there a ghost?” I wake up unhappy a lot.  I am not unhappy I see the man sitting in a darkContinue reading “The Race of Human: We Are Not Separate #WritingCommunity #SaturdayMotivation”

Exclusive Character Reveal with WB Welch Co-Author of “The Last Letter” #UniWebinterviewshow

Find out how you can get an early copy of The Last Letter, by watching the interview.

“Swallowing The Sea” #writingcommunity #awakening #Sundaythoughts

An infinite of choices swims before me and for some reason making any decision feels impossible. Instead of enjoying the waves I’ve made it my mission to drink the ocean all at once. To play, to play in the water wouldn’t that be nice.  Instead of calculating the amount I need to consume and transformContinue reading ““Swallowing The Sea” #writingcommunity #awakening #Sundaythoughts”

There is No Plot. (Language, Violence, and Sex Warning) #writingcommunity #FF

I have no idea as to which way I am headed, the plot of this story is not thought out, in fact, there is no plot what so ever. This is a character-driven story, meaning whichever way my character decides to go the story will move with him. That seems like a great idea, right? Continue reading “There is No Plot. (Language, Violence, and Sex Warning) #writingcommunity #FF”

PSA to Writers and Anyone W/ a Story to Tell #writingcommunity

You are allowed to write whatever you want however you want. Whether it be riddled with grammatical errors or not as long as you are not simply writing hate speech.  Tell the story that you are meant to tell. I actually got in an argument this morning about writing with a woman that claimed ifContinue reading “PSA to Writers and Anyone W/ a Story to Tell #writingcommunity”

It’s Me. #writingcommunity #thursdaythoughts

Fast forward to a time in the middle of nowhere, where space exists only as a reference to somethingness. Where the wind blows past the point of dropping sound and a miniature planet swings on a spinning ground. Move forward to a place of fatigue and depravity, where mankind begins with a handful of madnessContinue reading “It’s Me. #writingcommunity #thursdaythoughts”

The Earth is Flat-Full Stream of Consciousness #writingcommunity Excercise.

Disclaimer: This is a writing exercise. I know there is a load of mistakes it is meant to show what this writing exercise may look like and it is ok.  Grammar Nazis Please do not comment.  Below this exercise, you will find what I was warming up to. When in the morning I rise andContinue reading “The Earth is Flat-Full Stream of Consciousness #writingcommunity Excercise.”

Seek in Every Situation. You Are The Mountain. (with audio) #writingcommunity #fridayfeeling

Darkness and light are my favorite ideas to play with in writing because in darkness we are given a void yet we are able to see in the nothingness. Light shines into the darkness as a representation not only of salvation but also as a way of coloring in the emptiness. Also Mountains… We seeContinue reading “Seek in Every Situation. You Are The Mountain. (with audio) #writingcommunity #fridayfeeling”

Police Brutality-Guest Blog Matthew Poole #writingcommunity

I feel honored that Matthew allowed me to share this writing on my blog.  It speaks so much to the type of man that he is and to the humanity and heart that he has.  My prayers and my heart go out to you for your loss my friend.  Follow Matthew on facebook@ and TwitterContinue reading “Police Brutality-Guest Blog Matthew Poole #writingcommunity”