Tao Te Ching Day 30: The Journey So Far

Hello to all you wonderful readers out there. Today is the 30th day of my study and full absorption into the Tao Te Ching. I wanted to take this time to catch up on lessons learned thus far and how I have been affected by studying and digesting this material everyday for 30 days. FirstContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 30: The Journey So Far”

Getting Through Tough Times- An experience

https://anchor.fm/matthew-whiteside/episodes/Getting-Through-Tough-Times-e9cjk9  We all deal with times in which we believe,”that’s it I can’t go on.” When the reality is we have dealt with difficult breath stealing moments our entire existence, yet somehow amazingly here we are. What is it that captures us and steals us from life to make us believe we will not makeContinue reading “Getting Through Tough Times- An experience”

The Race of Human: We Are Not Separate #WritingCommunity #SaturdayMotivation

I woke up in a dark room, that’s good because I turned the light off before I fell asleep and if somehow it turned on while I was sleeping then I would think, “is there a ghost?” I wake up unhappy a lot.  I am not unhappy I see the man sitting in a darkContinue reading “The Race of Human: We Are Not Separate #WritingCommunity #SaturdayMotivation”