The Purpose of Life: An Endless Quest for Meaning

Throughout human history, people have sought to understand the purpose of life, often turning to religion, philosophy, or personal introspection. While there is no universal answer to this question, our understanding of life’s purpose can shape how we live, interact with others, and approach our goals. This blog post will explore some of the commonContinue reading “The Purpose of Life: An Endless Quest for Meaning”

Tao Te Ching Day 54: Leaving The Cage

The reality is this; bills are not going to pay themselves. Kids need food; some, like me, needed more than others, haha. It is scary as hell to go after your dream. It is also scary to trust that what you need is already available to you right now and that WBT is just distracting us from the fact that the cage has been left wide open. There is a Universe so big beautiful, and abundant right outside if only we could take our little gerbil lips of that WBT.

Tao Te Ching Day 25: Living Through Suffering

“Favor and disgrace make one fearful The greatest misfortune is the self…” TTC 13 Lin I am suffering today. All my expectations about this week have slowly eroded to a heaping pile of rubble as my body has completely given up on me. I am in suffering at this moment. I see it as suchContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 25: Living Through Suffering”

Proof of God

The Universe is intentional. It must be. I have done the required reading and work and have come to this conclusion with 100% percent certainty. The pure fact is this, that without intention although results of mater will be produced, without pure intention nothing of true meaning can result. Let us take a journey throughContinue reading “Proof of God”

Why I Do “The Next Right Thing” Part 1 of Through My Lens.

I feel like the embodiment of struggle.  On most days I feel this way like each breath is a choice I have to make and the argument to make it isn’t as compelling as it used to be.  So often I feel like what’s the point.  What’s the point of getting up every day andContinue reading “Why I Do “The Next Right Thing” Part 1 of Through My Lens.”

Why We Run From Death

The image of me or anyone running from death is an interesting one.  It speaks to our delusion that Death was ever chasing us.  Let me ask, does the Ocean chase the rain? No, of course not, why would it.  No matter what, the water always returns to the source.  So, in the same way,Continue reading “Why We Run From Death”

How to Find Meaning: A step by step guide

Life is pain… Life is pain and suffering… Life is pain and suffering and sometimes popsicles. I mean it’s not all bad, right?  Sure, it feels all bad most days.  Sure, it feels like, ” What is the point of going to the job again, to pay my bills?  I don’t even like these bills.” Continue reading “How to Find Meaning: A step by step guide”

Getting Through Tough Times- An experience  We all deal with times in which we believe,”that’s it I can’t go on.” When the reality is we have dealt with difficult breath stealing moments our entire existence, yet somehow amazingly here we are. What is it that captures us and steals us from life to make us believe we will not makeContinue reading “Getting Through Tough Times- An experience”

I Am: How To be…Anything- The Meaning of Life

I wrote a post an hour ago about 5 steps to the discovering the meaning of your life.  It was inspired and full of great advice.  It made me feel a certain way like oh yeah that is it.  That is how you do it. I felt like it was being written through me byContinue reading “I Am: How To be…Anything- The Meaning of Life”