Tao Te Ching Day 17: The Feminine

I can be a difficult person to live with, I can also be a very warm and comforting presence. What decides the way I am unfortunately ends up being outside forces to often. Is the house a mess, I am a mess. Was I unable to sleep, I am restless and irritable. Has the dayContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 17: The Feminine”

“Freedom and the Will to Move Forward: A Compass for Today’s World” by Jamin Chavez. Book Trailer #writingcommunity

I worked with Jamin to help create a book trailer for his work.  I hope you enjoy the trailer and please go check out the book. “Freedom and The Will to Move Forward” is an exhilarating philosophical guide to locate and nourish our own individual compass. “One of the most important and fundamental units ofContinue reading ““Freedom and the Will to Move Forward: A Compass for Today’s World” by Jamin Chavez. Book Trailer #writingcommunity”


My oh my, am I a happy pie in the sky kind of joyful guy? Is my life a full-on masterpiece, a grand experiment of the most epic beautiful proportions? No, no it’s not.  And no I am not a joyful guy at the moment. I hate how I feel right now, my lack ofContinue reading “I AM DEPRESSED”

An Interview and A book Review- That’s right a 2 for 1 Special- You’re Welcome

Daniella is the founder of Doing It Sober clothing and apparel. She has also been sober since 2006 and is an advocate for living a sober lifestyle. I had a wonderful time getting to connect with Daniella and glean some wisdom from how she turned her life around, and has found happiness and success beyondContinue reading “An Interview and A book Review- That’s right a 2 for 1 Special- You’re Welcome”

Life’s Obstacles: Breaking Barriers by Matthew Brown. Guest Blog

Happy Tuesday Blog family.  So today I am joined by the extremely talented Matthew Brown.  He is currently working on an Epic Fantasy Novel where he has created his own language and world to play in.  I interviewed Matt a little over a month ago and I was blown away then by his incredible storytellingContinue reading “Life’s Obstacles: Breaking Barriers by Matthew Brown. Guest Blog”

Be Your Own Super Hero by Matt Whiteside

My Super Hero Guest Blogging Series Will Start soon.  Here is my go at it.  Hope you enjoy.  Get your submissions in.   Listen to this while you read for the full experience. My name is Infinity Rasana – it’s literal translations is infinite ray of light.  No, this is not a name given toContinue reading “Be Your Own Super Hero by Matt Whiteside”

Think The “F” Word Very Loudly and Read.

I don’t know what to do sometimes or how to help. I feel worthless by how incapable I am of saving another from their own personal damnation. I get terrified that my inadequacy with words or money or resources is in effect killing people. If only I had more money, I could feed these people.Continue reading “Think The “F” Word Very Loudly and Read.”

Stop Living in The Freaking Dumpster!

I have days of good and bad, up and down. Not everything for me is sunshine and rainbows. Although, I have been accused recently of being a liar for always being positive, which I find funny. I see it like this; sure I am a happy guy that laughs and jokes a lot. I doContinue reading “Stop Living in The Freaking Dumpster!”