Be Your Own Super Hero by Matt Whiteside

My Super Hero Guest Blogging Series Will Start soon.  Here is my go at it.  Hope you enjoy.  Get your submissions in.


Listen to this while you read for the full experience.

My name is Infinity Rasana – it’s literal translations is infinite ray of light.  No, this is not a name given to me by my parents or by anyone else.  In fact, I am unaware of any parental lineage.

I was born in darkness, drifting in space unconscious of where I was or who I was.  I only knew that I WAS.  I do not have an alter ego as one would presume with most superheroes, I am and will always be only Inifinty Rasana.

I existed for an unknown amount of time in between conscious and unconscious, I remember running in a sunlit field with other children and laughing.  I remember what felt like centuries of darkness.

My abilities came to me in the darkness, I was adrift in inky darkness unaware of my body whether my eyes were open or shut, I do not know.  The only thing I remember is the loneliness when out of nowhere a pinprick of light appeared to me.  It seemed so distant that it did not concern me at first, but that changed in an instant.

As the light expanded in a great flash and enveloped me in its blinding radiance.  A vibration resonated through me that brought feeling back to my form and created a sense of chaos and destruction at the same moment.

My body felt as though it were being ripped to shreds by the presence of this unknown light.  As I slipped in and out of nothingness and somethingness, I was given a vision and my power was born.

I awoke moments later with my feet depressing lush green grass and the warm glow of the sun hitting my new body.

It was lucky I came to this place in the remote area that I did, as I do not appear like other people.  My body has a unique resonance to it that pulsates and disorients anyone that looks too closely.

I appear to be both here and nowhere.  I was given the gift of light.  In many respects, I am hated by many for the light that I bring.  By some, I am loved.

It is not even that I presume to help or hurt anyone, I am simply existing now fully on the plain where I have been placed.

I am more than a walking flashlight.  I have the ability to see deep into the hurts and pain of the world, of society and connect the broken parts.  Shine a light on them so they can be healed.

I have been here on Earth now for over 30 years, and it has not been all glowing light.  There have been many difficulties as I have found my vulnerabilities to be staggering.

I have made many friendships and in those friendships, I have found my greatest strength and my most debilitating weakness.  I also have the gift of sharing light, which means I can lift the energy and spirit of others but at a cost to my own.

I have gifted this poorly at times and it has left me broken more than I would like to admit.  But it is also the friendships that reawaken my light and set me back on my path.

I do not know where I am going but I do know why I am here and as I continue to shine the light that was given to me I notice that others are starting to shine as well.

The loneliness that I felt for so long is changing it is my gift now to share the light for those drowning in the darkness that had me for so long.  I am no longer the only Super Hero on this path now, my journey has been joined by hundreds and thousands of others that are healing the broken parts of themselves and the world.

I am Infinity Rasana and I am Infinite Light.





Published by Matthew Whiteside

I am a writer, a storyteller, a yarn-spinning freakazoid. My life is full of two things today, lessons and blessings. I write fiction mostly but I also love to write about my life and the things I go through on a daily basis. Writing it out inspires and motivates me and that's why I do it. Plus if it does that for me maybe it will for someone else too.

8 thoughts on “Be Your Own Super Hero by Matt Whiteside

      1. “I do not know where I am going but I do know why I am here and as I continue to shine the light that was given to me I notice that others are starting to shine as well.” Poetic.

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  1. I like this! I agree with the above comment, you have some poetic moments in this description. I’d like to see you write some stories as Infinity Rasana and post them here! I’d like to see more of your fiction, period. Get on that.

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