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breaking barriers

Happy Tuesday Blog family.  So today I am joined by the extremely talented Matthew Brown.  He is currently working on an Epic Fantasy Novel where he has created his own language and world to play in.  I interviewed Matt a little over a month ago and I was blown away then by his incredible storytelling ability.  He also has a fantastic blog here please check out the free Story Valkyrie that he is writing along with his other Motivational and Inspirational writings and follow him on Twitter @matbrown012  In case you missed our interview it will be linked below his Blog post.  Thank you for sharing this Matthew- Enjoy world.

Picture this for a moment. You’re driving along, music playing in the background, the AC is running keeping you and the sun is shining. Sounds pleasant right, everything seems clear, but all it takes is one moment and then BOOM. Something jumps in front of you.

I think that sums up some of our daily struggles. Maybe not even daily, but it does sum up how life can be sometimes. We never know when it will happen, but we can all agree that is has happened to each of us. Especially those of us who are pushing toward something larger than ourselves.

We’re coasting along, feeling the wind in our hair, our eyes keen on the road and horizon. Then something jumps out and we lose control. In those precious moments, decisions have to be made. The damage has to be minimized to the best of our ability.

But what decision should we make? What choices do we have available? It’s for each of us, but when struggle comes, we have to be prepared. Because it will peel away the layers and show us who we are underneath.

In writing, we hit these walls so often. I’ve found that of all the people in this world, writers stand among those with the greatest amount of insecurities. Now I don’t mean this to be insulting, because I will be the first to stand up and say, “Hi, I’m Matt and I have huge insecurities about myself.”

I think we’re like this because our love for what we do puts in a place a vulnerability few people explore. But vulnerability is a strength of its own, we manage by finding those people who are positive influences in our lives. Those who celebrate our successes and cry with us when we fail.

Those people who when life jumps out at us and makes us swerve off the road, are quick to be that roadside assistance we really need. That lifeline I the middle of the desert to tow us to the next station and get us back on our feet.

Being perfectly honest, one of my largest insecurities is social settings and dealing with things that I have no knowledge about. Socially I tend to not understand some of the political nuances when I’m faced with them. The irony is that I tend to write those same nuances very well. Don’t ask me to explain it. I think it’s because I tend to expect people to be honest and transparent because I try to be the same thing. It’s probably why I get so blindsided when people hide things and tell me about it later. Personally, I’d prefer my feelings not to be spared. I’ve found that I’ve respected jerks and rude people more because they were blunt and honest. Some of them even became my closest friends, because I knew where they stood.

The other big insecurity is not knowing or understanding how something works. I tend to freeze up and avoid whatever the topic is if I don’t have someone to walk me through it. Maybe it’s because I rather enjoy learning something with another person that learning on my own. I don’t know, but it makes querying difficult for me. If there was a set formula, then sure I’d feel better, but with everything varying constantly and preferences changing like the wind, it’s a struggle.

I’m sure I’m not alone, but I’m learning that there are some things when the wall comes up or obstacles jump in your way, you have to find a means of getting past them. In your quest for success and excellence, these things have to go. They have to be torn down or removed.

No matter how uncomfortable they are, how terrified they make you feel, they can’t control your life. The only one who can troll you is you. I say this a lot and it’s very true. Fear is a liar. These insecurities are fear taking advantage of a chink in your armor.

Maybe you need to make a list, come up with a plan of attack to face whatever it is that’s holding you back. It may not come down all at once, but one piece at a time. How it gets dismantled is up to you, but it has to be taken down in order to move forward. If not, then your journey ends. Until you decide to take that step, that sledgehammer to your wall, or maneuver your car like a stuntman around the obstacle, you cannot progress.

One side note, if your obstacle is a person, please don’t use an actual sledgehammer or a car to remove them from your life. There plenty of ways to do this that don’t involve jail, homicide or some other terrible crime. Just a side note.

I know facing stuff like this is rough and sometimes you feel like it’s not fair. Sometimes you just want to throw your hands up and quit, but you can’t. You are here for a purpose, a purpose that only you can achieve. Even if you are a toilet scrubber, be the best toilet scrubber you can be. Make that bathroom smell like roses.

You think I’m being silly, but I’m serious. Because if you can master that, then imagine what your boss might do down the road. He might see the effort you put into such a menial job, pull you aside and say, “I’ve been watching you and I think you are capable of so much more. I’m here to give you that opportunity.”

I can say that from experience. I’ve seen people who stepped up and succeeded because they understood what it took to get them there. Whatever you feel like you are meant to do, do it with as much joy and gusto as you can muster. Don’t let your insecurities whisper into your ear and say that you can’t. You can do this thing, whatever it is, wherever it may lead you.

Look at your wall and say, “Today marks your end and my beginning. Tell it that you will no longer be held back. Tell it you will become the success you were born to be.”  It may take time, but stay the course and you will arrive.


Matt Brown



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