Misery- Why you need it. (Podcast)

First Draft Podcast- Listen and Subscribe Now!!!   Sherrie and I trek through the Chattahoochee woods and discuss how miserable life can be sometimes and why it is so important.  Please like and subscribe to the podcast for Author interviews, New perspectives, and opening your mind to some crazy shit.

What’s The Point?

What is it, what is the fucking point of pushing and pulling striving and straining?  Moving at a pace that seems frantic all for what? Who are we trying to impress? What are we trying to earn? Trying to be better than what? What are we?  Where is the standard?  I know a lot ofContinue reading “What’s The Point?”

Strength in Every Situation: In Service to “Jane Doe” by Andrew L. Poole- Guest Blog.

Happy Friday to all out there looking for a good word today Andrew L. Poole joins the blog If the name sounds familiar he is the brother of Matthew Poole.  Both men are Police Officers, but also gifted writers, in my opinion.  Which this is my Blog so my opinion counts.  Thank you, Andrew, forContinue reading “Strength in Every Situation: In Service to “Jane Doe” by Andrew L. Poole- Guest Blog.”


My oh my, am I a happy pie in the sky kind of joyful guy? Is my life a full-on masterpiece, a grand experiment of the most epic beautiful proportions? No, no it’s not.  And no I am not a joyful guy at the moment. I hate how I feel right now, my lack ofContinue reading “I AM DEPRESSED”

I Am Quitting! #writingcommunity

I have had enough.  I am sick and tired of the same thing over and over again.  I am so done with this crap. I pour my soul out and this is what I get.  I can’t go on doing it anymore.  I can no longer hold on to the ideals I thought I believedContinue reading “I Am Quitting! #writingcommunity”

Does Your Connection Suck?

I am reminded again and again of something on my daily walk through life.  The darkness and disconnect is all a symptom of my action.  On days that I feel lonely and apart from the world its usually not because I am not surrounded by people. It is like I am in a dark roomContinue reading “Does Your Connection Suck?”

How Did I Get Here?

Some Mornings I wake up with a sense of dread, of terrified forboding that some unseen boogeyman is waiting for me just around the corner. That the idea of my security and my survival is in immediate peril. When I wake up like this It’s hard to shake, like trying to run from your shadowContinue reading “How Did I Get Here?”

Think The “F” Word Very Loudly and Read.

I don’t know what to do sometimes or how to help. I feel worthless by how incapable I am of saving another from their own personal damnation. I get terrified that my inadequacy with words or money or resources is in effect killing people. If only I had more money, I could feed these people.Continue reading “Think The “F” Word Very Loudly and Read.”