Tao Te Ching Day 23: Fear

Banish Learning, no more grief. Between Yes and No, how much difference? TTC- Chp. 20 (A&L) The illusions of fear seem to always be present, or rather fear seems to always be presenting itself. I have been doing a deep dive into the heart of my fear. Every time fear arises, I sit with it.Continue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 23: Fear”

How Did I Get Here?

Some Mornings I wake up with a sense of dread, of terrified forboding that some unseen boogeyman is waiting for me just around the corner. That the idea of my security and my survival is in immediate peril. When I wake up like this It’s hard to shake, like trying to run from your shadowContinue reading “How Did I Get Here?”

Fear gives Meaning to Victory

  Check out @MattWhiteside3’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MattWhiteside3/status/1091660310811860992?s=09 Fear is always around us.  It is in every corner, every crevice, every second, every moment of our existence.  It pesters us, it prods at us.  Poking us in the chest forcing us back into a corner.  Telling us we have nothing to offer nothing to say or doContinue reading “Fear gives Meaning to Victory”