Proof of God

The Universe is intentional. It must be. I have done the required reading and work and have come to this conclusion with 100% percent certainty. The pure fact is this, that without intention although results of mater will be produced, without pure intention nothing of true meaning can result. Let us take a journey throughContinue reading “Proof of God”

The Personal Phenomenon of Righteousness

We are human are we not? The imperfect, unpredictable mass of consciousness constantly swirling and stirring up the hornets nest that is reality. It is interesting that as this imperfect form we can stand to be so self-righteous in our own thoughts and actions as if there truly is a perfect way to be andContinue reading “The Personal Phenomenon of Righteousness”

Its Time

Here I go… It’s one of those. The question is, If I truly believe and have faith in God then what’s taking so long. How have I not already been out living and loving and sharing joy and love with everyone I meet? I see it all the time and from me the majority ofContinue reading “Its Time”

All In: Upon Awakening Podcast Sherrie and I go all in and make a huge investment. Although there is fear we choose to walk by faith. Click the link and enjoy the episode.  Thanks for listening.

The Holy Trinity in You: How to Experience it Fully

I would like to go on a thought experiment with you. A thought experiment that has the ability to unlock the fullness of all your potential. Would you like to realize all of your potential? Great, let’s go. Take a moment and see where you are right now, take in as much as or asContinue reading “The Holy Trinity in You: How to Experience it Fully”