Morning Thoughts

Sometimes the only thing we can do is wait for the sun to come up. Wait for the storm to pass. Wait for the nightmare to be over. Then we can give thanks for the strength, patience and grace to withstand that which we can not control. In the most difficult times, sow deeper rootsContinue reading “Morning Thoughts”

Clearing The Channel.

Podcast included on this topic. The mechanism that records reality is not something that is easy to diagnose. To many of us we spend our entire life with out a comprehensive understanding of the connection that guides us or speaks to us in everyday life. The voice has become a low sometimes irritating humContinue reading “Clearing The Channel.”

Justice: A Brutal Sword

I am enamored at all the cries for justice as of late. Not that its not necessary that crimes have punishments but that the judges have become the irrational mob. The unjust ones serving justice. Screaming, “Justice for all” while smashing, burning and even killing seems so far off base. Yet these things are beingContinue reading “Justice: A Brutal Sword”

We Have Been Lied To

We have been fed a bill of goods. Told that we can be whatever it is we want to be.  Told to believe that as long as we work hard and make good choices that what ever life we choose can be manifested into our reality.  We have been lied to.  Because we have beenContinue reading “We Have Been Lied To”