Misery- Why you need it. (Podcast)

First Draft Podcast- Listen and Subscribe Now!!!   Sherrie and I trek through the Chattahoochee woods and discuss how miserable life can be sometimes and why it is so important.  Please like and subscribe to the podcast for Author interviews, New perspectives, and opening your mind to some crazy shit.

Newest Podcast Out Now!!! #writingcommunity #Tuesdaythoughts

  Click The Picture to listen to the podcast. Click Link Below- UniWeb Interview Show Presents First Draft   On today’s Episode Anneliese voice of The World Tree Online Audiobook along with the Author, Marc Carlson Join me to discuss Publishing.  Getting your book seen and heard.  The process of becoming a Narrator for AudioContinue reading “Newest Podcast Out Now!!! #writingcommunity #Tuesdaythoughts”

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha Tells Me about Life!

On this very Special episode of Blossom- Kent Wayne A.K.A Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha, tells me all about the interesting things he has learned in life.  Had so much fun talking with Kent and believe this information is invaluable to any and all humans, let alone writers. Enjoy on podcast or YouTube.   First Draft PodcastContinue reading “Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha Tells Me about Life!”

Part 2 Interview w/ Kent Wayne A.K.A Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha Author of Echo Vol.1-4

  Available on Podcast Here at “This Won’t Work” Podcast Kent Wayne Author of the Echo Vol. 1-4 joins me on the podcast and my God was it cool. We talk everything from writing to human evolution, to drugs and alcohol and what it means to truly be alive. Dig in to part 2 ofContinue reading “Part 2 Interview w/ Kent Wayne A.K.A Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha Author of Echo Vol.1-4”