UniWeb Interview With Author Of Jesus Fallacy Mark Kalita. OMG

Check out the Full Line up of Marks Books and a full write up on him on My Featured Content Page.  Featured Content

This Will Make You Come… To Understand Compound Interest-Life Hack

What in the Hell is Compound interest and why is it important to your life?  You may be asking your self, “Matt, what’s up with these sexy animals you keep posting pictures of and writing words about?” Here is what’s up with that.  I discovered the secret to life and to many people an ArticleContinue reading “This Will Make You Come… To Understand Compound Interest-Life Hack”

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha Tells Me about Life!

On this very Special episode of Blossom- Kent Wayne A.K.A Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha, tells me all about the interesting things he has learned in life.  Had so much fun talking with Kent and believe this information is invaluable to any and all humans, let alone writers. Enjoy on podcast or YouTube.   First Draft PodcastContinue reading “Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha Tells Me about Life!”

The Battle Down Under!!

I had a great time talking with Jared about his journey thus far through life and writing. Jared is working on finding a publisher for his Middle Grade epic Fantasy Novel that is part one of a four part series. We discuss- the querying process, inspiration for writing, Kangaroos and shark attacks. We find outContinue reading “The Battle Down Under!!”

I am Funny!

Man oh man, boy oh boy, woman oh woman, dear oh dear… I love, love, love to laugh. More than anything I believe, to laugh is to find magic in even the darkest parts of the world. A good laugh connects and heals us, it resonates deep within.  A convulsion of the muscles that pulsatesContinue reading “I am Funny!”

When Did Fun Become So Elusive?

Are you having Fun?  I know I am.  WEEEEBBBBLEEE Deeeeee Boooooppp!!   I have not gone crazy, I don’t think. Look, fun used to be so easy.  Remember?  I want to reignite that spirit of fun and enthusiasm for life that I had when I was a child.  When fun was free. Fun is up toContinue reading “When Did Fun Become So Elusive?”