I am Funny!

Man oh man, boy oh boy, woman oh woman, dear oh dear… I love, love, love to laugh. More than anything I believe, to laugh is to find magic in even the darkest parts of the world. A good laugh connects and heals us, it resonates deep within.  A convulsion of the muscles that pulsatesContinue reading “I am Funny!”

Watch “UniWeb Interview With Author Of Where “Demons Dance Emma Briedis” on YouTube

  Emma and I disscuss her soon to be released book "Where Demons Dance" along with all the other projects she is currently working on. We also discuss, history and find out that I don’t know alot about it. Also we talk about Spirit animals. All around good time. Had a fantastic time interviewing EmmaContinue reading “Watch “UniWeb Interview With Author Of Where “Demons Dance Emma Briedis” on YouTube”

Brain Blasting All over Your Face

Pew! Pew! Pew!  Sorry if I hit you with my incredibly powerful brain blast.  My mind is so powerful.  Haha. I wanted to do a brainstorming session on my blog and share it with everyone.  Hoping that it may help others that are stuck in writing what ever it is they are writing at theContinue reading “Brain Blasting All over Your Face”

Watch “Incredible Interview with Author Andrew McDonald,” on YouTube

Andrew and I get down to the nitty gritty about his Incredible book Punishment and Good Deeds.  Check it out and go check out all of his writing and what Andrew is up to on his site https://pbpatch.wixsite.com/pbpatch m.youtube.com/watch?v=a7ZKZFuTNLM … Don’t forget get to hit that like button and Subscribe for more great Content. ForContinue reading “Watch “Incredible Interview with Author Andrew McDonald,” on YouTube”

Service: My Mission

I would like to offer you an opportunity. It is free, and all about helping you and your work grow. I want to see, all the people who put in effort and time into blogging, writing, creating, blow up and become the person they want to become. Read below to find out more. Good morningContinue reading “Service: My Mission”