OnWords-Booger, Is it actually a Demonic force to control your Children?

On this Episode of OnWords, we discuss the word Booger and its many horrifying implications and as always I rap at the end. Please be sure to leave a comment with the word you would like me to breakdown the next episode.

OnWords- Pizza, is it actually God?

Click The Link to enjoy words. https://anchor.fm/matthew-whiteside/episodes/OnWords–Pizza-is-it-actually-God-e6fbri/a-ar3fu5  In my new Podcast, I discuss the power of words in a very smart way by reading Wikipedia and saying the word a lot.  If you want to find out all about the word Pizza then listen to this fucking Podcast, and please submit words you would likeContinue reading “OnWords- Pizza, is it actually God?”

Open Mic #8 Laughing Skull Lounge- They Fucking Laughed. Success!!!

Three weeks into doing standup I was really looking forward to this show. I had been signed up for it for a month and have been working to have a respectable 4mins for the last 3 weeks. It was a sold-out crowd and there was so much good energy. I was blown away by theContinue reading “Open Mic #8 Laughing Skull Lounge- They Fucking Laughed. Success!!!”

From 0 to Funny: My Journey to become a Standup Comedian

I have begun a journey in search of living my dream to do the thing that I have felt called to do.  Stand in front of the world and make you laugh. I am two weeks in to a life long journey of becoming professionally funny and I realized the first time I got onContinue reading “From 0 to Funny: My Journey to become a Standup Comedian”

How to Stop Being A Moron: 6 simple steps. #WritingCommunity #ThursdayMotivation

So, you’re an idiot huh? A regular foot in your mouth, can’t get out of your own way kinda dummy, meh? (Imagine a 1930s Gangster talking) yeah see? Well, ya came to the right place kid.  There’s hope for you after all. I used to be just like you stupid as the day was naked. Continue reading “How to Stop Being A Moron: 6 simple steps. #WritingCommunity #ThursdayMotivation”

I Know How To Finish My Book.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to @fast_winger for doing this incredible drawing of me for my Birthday Yesterday… You are a shining star. For the last 2 months, I have only been writing, blog posts.  It is comfortable not a lot of pressure, immediate feedback sometimes, good stuff. But, in that timeContinue reading “I Know How To Finish My Book.”