Find Joy Now

I feel inspired to write, I let go of the job.  I let go of the fear that I couldn’t do it on my own, or at least in a different way.  I spend a lot of time saying I want to help people find joy in their lives.  I want to help people beContinue reading “Find Joy Now”

Transcending The Poverty of Money! #writingcommunity #MondayMotivation

Many times I struggle with this an idea of success and well-being hinge precariously on the amount of revenue streaming into my bank account or the accruement of goods. It happens a lot for me, I will be in a blissfully joyful state and not thinking of any reason that my life requires more stuffContinue reading “Transcending The Poverty of Money! #writingcommunity #MondayMotivation”

Be Willing- Follow the Inspiration. #writingcommunity #WendnesdayMotivation

We follow a lot of things in life. We follow the Leader, because well they are the leader. We follow directions, because well they are directions. We follow fear to the tune of hiding under our covers. We follow those that have gone before even when their paths have led to damnation. We follow aContinue reading “Be Willing- Follow the Inspiration. #writingcommunity #WendnesdayMotivation”

I Know How To Finish My Book.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to @fast_winger for doing this incredible drawing of me for my Birthday Yesterday… You are a shining star. For the last 2 months, I have only been writing, blog posts.  It is comfortable not a lot of pressure, immediate feedback sometimes, good stuff. But, in that timeContinue reading “I Know How To Finish My Book.”

Do Not Suffer the Fools

A miserable person walks up to a happy smiling person and says. Hey, you shouldn’t be smiling you are offending people not everyone can smile. The happy person turns and looks at the one who spoke and as if a dark cloud was covering them in shadow the miserable person recoiled. The happy person reachedContinue reading “Do Not Suffer the Fools”

This Will Make You Come… To Understand Compound Interest-Life Hack

What in the Hell is Compound interest and why is it important to your life?  You may be asking your self, “Matt, what’s up with these sexy animals you keep posting pictures of and writing words about?” Here is what’s up with that.  I discovered the secret to life and to many people an ArticleContinue reading “This Will Make You Come… To Understand Compound Interest-Life Hack”

Learn to Have Better Sex, With Drugs and Rock and Roll.

  Oh, hello.  I didn’t see you there.  What am I doing, you ask?  Well it’s Science, isn’t it? I am doing Science.  For scientific research.  Meaning I started with an idea or hypothesis, which is “What makes people click on and read one article over another?”   My belief is that it is a simpleContinue reading “Learn to Have Better Sex, With Drugs and Rock and Roll.”

Does God Hate You?

When I was younger my idea of God was more akin to that of a genie, not unlike the one found in the classic Disney Movie Aladdin. I would cry and plead and beg for things until they were given to me by my overworked tired mom, and when I did not get what IContinue reading “Does God Hate You?”

Are You Willing To Suck?

Hello there, my name is Matt.  I am in a state of upheaval and chaotic mental insanity. What’s your name? Last night after all my praying an meditating, my meetings and writing. After all the talking and work I had done spiritually, I wanted to lose my mind.  I wanted it to just poof andContinue reading “Are You Willing To Suck?”

Does Your Connection Suck?

I am reminded again and again of something on my daily walk through life.  The darkness and disconnect is all a symptom of my action.  On days that I feel lonely and apart from the world its usually not because I am not surrounded by people. It is like I am in a dark roomContinue reading “Does Your Connection Suck?”