Does God Hate You?

Genie lampWhen I was younger my idea of God was more akin to that of a genie, not unlike the one found in the classic Disney Movie Aladdin.

I would cry and plead and beg for things until they were given to me by my overworked tired mom, and when I did not get what I wanted I became spiteful and mean that God hated me.

“Oh, why me?  Why won’t God do exactly as I tell him?  Why won’t everyone around me do exactly as I want them to do?  God must hate me or he just doesn’t exist.”  I would think to myself.

How annoying, haha. I can imagine if God where a person rolling his eyes at me and shaking his bearded head.

I’d like to kick that kid in the ass.  The kid me that hung on to the “God hates me or doesn’t exist because everything isn’t the way I want it,” mentality for almost 30 years.

I wouldn’t give that snot-nosed brat a damn thing.  It took a lot of suffering on my part (self enduced suffering) before I woke the Fudge up.

There are no magic Genies, and The Law of Attraction is not what you think it is.  The idea that we can sit around saying “I am Rich, I am Rich, I am Rich, and think that money is going to puff into our hands is the most idiotic thing in the entire Universe, haha so Dramatic.

But, it didn’t stop me from trying for a very long time to simply wish for all the things I wanted and then when they didn’t happen or the opposite happened like being broke, I got sour at God.

God was not the one sitting on the couch drinking 40s and eating potato chips.  God was not the one, working a meaningless dead end job simply to afford, 40s and potato chips.


That was all me, baby.  Damn taking personal responsibility feels good.

I had to wake up to the fact that there is no genie and God or higher power does not owe me a damn thing.

It already gave me life, here on this planet.  IT gave me Consciousness with which I experience the world.  Yet I pontificated and whaled at all the ways I was unjustly done.

Here is the Deal, and the reason I am writing this.

If your life sucks, It is your Fault, period(.)

Harsh, maybe?  Reality, Absolutely.

What about victims of violence, and abuse?  What about those that are imprisoned or held against their will.

Well, here is the deal, obviously people being held against their own will have no choice in the matter.  I am speaking of those of us with a choice.

Even if something terrible has happened to you in the past. If your life still sucks because of it is your fault now.

I know, this seems odd coming from me even as I type it.  But I am so tired of living in the problem and so ready to live in the solution.  The solution has nothing to do with poor me, this bad thing happened out of my control.

The Solution lies in me having an incredible life regardless of the unthinkable thing.  God is not a Genie to wish away life, we have to be willing to take some action and do some stuff to have a better life.

So, if bad shit in your past is still hurting you and keeping you from enjoying your life.  It is time to look at that crap, address it, deal with it, and move on.  How you ask.

Here is how.

  1. First, admit that it has been an issue for you.  That you feel defeated and destroyed by it.
  2. Second, Accept that you can not deal with it on your own.
  3. Third, believe that there is help out there outside your current understanding that can help you.
  4. Four- write that shit down but not only that.  See what your part was in it.  Take responsibility for whatever part you played in that miserable part of your life.
  5. Talk to a therapist or a professional, or even a friend you trust that has dealt with something similar.  There are so many resources out there to help us move past the grief in our lives.
  6. Start recognizing how that thing has caused some character traits to become out of balance.
  7. Try and work on getting back in balance.
  8. Recognize that you have done some wrong in your life as well
  9. Make amends for the wrongs you have done to others
  10. Be in full awareness as often as possible through out the day about how you treat others. Aggressing against others is aggressing against your self.
  11. spend time in contemplation and intentional thought about your life and its meaning.
  12. Help other people free themselves from the sickness of a rotten perspective so that they can move on with their lives and live freely and happy as well.


So there ya go, 12 simple steps to getting over whatever is holding you back. It worked for me and believe me I thought I had been done the dirtiest by God or life or Yaway or whatever.

No matter what happens in our life even if it is not our Fault it is still our responsibility to make a good life.

Start to believe that maybe life isn’t happening to you, Start to believe it is happening For you.

Grow, Love, Be the light of the world.





Published by Matthew Whiteside

I am a writer, a storyteller, a yarn-spinning freakazoid. My life is full of two things today, lessons and blessings. I write fiction mostly but I also love to write about my life and the things I go through on a daily basis. Writing it out inspires and motivates me and that's why I do it. Plus if it does that for me maybe it will for someone else too.

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