Tao Te Ching Day 4: Service (with Audio)

Audio Available Via my Podcast Upon Awakening. Click Link https://anchor.fm/matthew-whiteside/episodes/Tao-Te-Ching-Day-4-Service-euri8r “The highest goodness resembles water, Water greatly benefits myriad things without contention. It stays in places that people dislike. Therefore, it is similar to the Tao.”-Tao Te Ching Ch.8 I am lost today in question of what must I do. My day is a simpleContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 4: Service (with Audio)”

The Problem We Face

Here it is the reason our world is in chaos. It is not because America is racist. It is not because the cops are racist. It is not because our President is a moron. It is not because there are a ton of oppressed people who cannot get out from under their oppressors boot. It is not a global pandemic. It is not victimize-rs against victims.

Change: Do we all have to do it?

Sherrie and I have a new Mic, so the quality isn’t crappy anymore. In this episode, we talk about the inevitability of change and suffering in life and how we go about dealing with life’s most difficult situations. Also, we talk about farts for a bit. Enjoy.

Some One is Trying To Kill Me!!! #FridayFeeling #writingcommunity

Let me tell you about my anxiety, it’s a fucking pain in the ass and also my best chance for survival.  It’s like to fat kids on a seesaw, I need to put them both on a diet or the seesaw will break. One year ago, I was so terrified to leave my apartment thatContinue reading “Some One is Trying To Kill Me!!! #FridayFeeling #writingcommunity”

From Dream To Reality: Doing Stand Up

  I finally made the decision to give stand up a try starting last Tuesday, I got up and started learning how to be funny on stage.  I have a long way to go and am learning a lot.  I didn’t realize the freedom of going after your dream even when you are obviously notContinue reading “From Dream To Reality: Doing Stand Up”

I am Grateful- Golden Moments. #MondayMotivation #WritingCommunity

I am Grateful today,  Immensely grateful. For so many things, things that were not even a reality to me 11 months ago. Spending time with my children, just cheering on my son as he plays little league baseball and the feeling of pride and joy I get from watching him.  Remembering the days spent inContinue reading “I am Grateful- Golden Moments. #MondayMotivation #WritingCommunity”

Be Willing- Follow the Inspiration. #writingcommunity #WendnesdayMotivation

We follow a lot of things in life. We follow the Leader, because well they are the leader. We follow directions, because well they are directions. We follow fear to the tune of hiding under our covers. We follow those that have gone before even when their paths have led to damnation. We follow aContinue reading “Be Willing- Follow the Inspiration. #writingcommunity #WendnesdayMotivation”

I Am Quitting! #writingcommunity

I have had enough.  I am sick and tired of the same thing over and over again.  I am so done with this crap. I pour my soul out and this is what I get.  I can’t go on doing it anymore.  I can no longer hold on to the ideals I thought I believedContinue reading “I Am Quitting! #writingcommunity”