Tao Te Ching Day 19: War

I realized not long ago that the world is as sick as I find myself to be. Am I at odds with me? A question that should not need asking, as I am me, and I should rightly know the answer. Yet, the human mind is a tricky place, it creates so many worm holes,Continue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 19: War”

Tao Te Ching Day 18: Addiction, Codependency, and Control

The weather has been so beautiful out where I live lately. I love the opportunity to go outside and run around under a big beautiful sun, while the trees and the flowers bloom and blow in the cool April breeze. However, each day at about the 45 minute mark of being outside, my nose startsContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 18: Addiction, Codependency, and Control”

Tao Te Ching Day 17: The Feminine

I can be a difficult person to live with, I can also be a very warm and comforting presence. What decides the way I am unfortunately ends up being outside forces to often. Is the house a mess, I am a mess. Was I unable to sleep, I am restless and irritable. Has the dayContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 17: The Feminine”

Tao Te Ching Day 16: The Teacher is Always Present

I was at a jump park with my kids the other day and one of the attractions there was a ninja warrior course, with a foam drop pit. Written on the very top of this course was the saying, “Bow to your Sensei.” It hit me like a bolt of lighting wrapped around a 2×4Continue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 16: The Teacher is Always Present”

Tao Te Ching Day 15: Duality

Duality is layered heavily within the teaching of the Tao. You want light, you must accept heavy. You want joy, you must accept sadness. You want pizza, you must accept calzones. Alright, I don’t know about that last one, but you get the point. Gravity is the root of lightness, Stillness is the master ofContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 15: Duality”

Tao Te Ching Day 14: The Holographic Universe

Therefore, Tao is great, and heaven, and earth, and humans. Four great things in the world aren’t humans one of them? TTC- chp. 25 (Addiss & Lombardo) There are four great things, Tao followed by Heaven, followed by Earth, followed by humans. Humans are sovereign and follow Earth. Earth follows heaven, heaven follows Tao, TaoContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 14: The Holographic Universe”

Tao Te Ching Day 13: Arrogance

Those who are on tiptoes cannot stand. Those who straddle cannot walk. Those who flaunt themselves are not clear.” TTC- chp. 24 (Derek Lin) The opposite of humility is arrogance and the Tao Te Ching does not mince words about living arrogantly. I have lived a life of trying to find a way to onlyContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 13: Arrogance”

Tao Te Ching Day 12: You Choose

I am struck by an insight today. Studying chapter 23 of the Tao Te Ching, an insight hit me from a place of thinking I understand, to grasping what is being taught. Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Well Lao Tzu said, “Spare words; nature’s way.” (Addiss & Lombardo) Nature only say’s whatContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 12: You Choose”

Tao Te Ching Day 11: The River

“Crippled becomes whole…” TTC – Chp. 22 Addiss & Lombardo What does this refer to, some sort of miracle healing practice? Those with out legs, will walk again? Maybe, or maybe it means that, like a person who looses one sense, other senses become stronger. Another translation of this is, “yield and reman whole…” TTC-Continue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 11: The River”

Tao Te Ching Day 10: The Fruit of Uncertainty

I am using multiple translations of the Tao Te Ching in this study and one thing is certain, chapter 21 is like using water vapor to quench thirst after a marathon. “Great Te appears, flowing from Tao. Tao in action- only vague and intangible.” TTC-Chp.21 version translated by Stephen Addiss & Stanley Lombard The versionContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 10: The Fruit of Uncertainty”