Life is Freaking Long. #WritingCommunity #FridayFeeling

I was out working today on a new project and I looked around as I was sitting in traffic. There was a man riding a motorcycle in slacks and dress shoes in front of me, like a cowboy on a work release program, it didn’t quiet fit. I was struck with the thought, we wasteContinue reading “Life is Freaking Long. #WritingCommunity #FridayFeeling”

Happy Birthday, Sherrie-My Love, Isn’t Life Wonderful

It’s one of those miracles of life that the things that look like our darkest moments can somehow be the exact thing we need to find the light.  The song is for you because you love uplifting music ;). Your Birthday is tomorrow and I am sitting here trying to write you a love noteContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Sherrie-My Love, Isn’t Life Wonderful”

Do Not Suffer the Fools

A miserable person walks up to a happy smiling person and says. Hey, you shouldn’t be smiling you are offending people not everyone can smile. The happy person turns and looks at the one who spoke and as if a dark cloud was covering them in shadow the miserable person recoiled. The happy person reachedContinue reading “Do Not Suffer the Fools”