Seek in Every Situation. You Are The Mountain. (with audio) #writingcommunity #fridayfeeling

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Darkness and light are my favorite ideas to play with in writing because in darkness we are given a void yet we are able to see in the nothingness.

Light shines into the darkness as a representation not only of salvation but also as a way of coloring in the emptiness.

Also Mountains…

We see mountains as massive immovable objects to be climbed and conquered.

We see the mountains in front of us in every form.

The person we want to become, the job we want, the poverty we struggle, the sadness we feel.

The moving of the mountain to get to our final destination to the thing that’s in our hearts to achieve or overcome.

We climb the mountain from its Darkest valleys to reach the Light on the peak.

We are consumed by the idea that the mountain is out there and that the peak is our final destination, that if only we can get to the top or move the mountain out of the way then there my happiness will be found.

I have been struggling with this idea, the idea of the mountain, the idea of faith.

I have come up or repeated multiple metaphors about mountains. Such as…

We are on our way up the mountain and along the way, we find all these incredible treasures.  So, we begin to collect them but before we are half way up the mountain we are overburdened with all the things we have deemed valuable along the way and we have to come to the point of either letting these things go or not climbing any higher.

When in reality all we needed to do was experience and enjoy the treasure at the time we found it for the treasure that it is and continue climbing with the faith that the greatest treasures lie higher up the mountain in more profound meaning than the ones at the base. -Matt Whiteside-


I have said that the fact that we realize the mountain is in front of us at all is a blessing.  That we have come out of the mist and the swamp and the mountain appears in front of us as a representation of God and a Higher Purpose.  At least now we can get to higher ground and see. – MW


I have said the point of life is not in reaching the Peak of the mountain because there is no peak except the ones that we define for ourselves. The reality is that we are allowed to live and be amongst all the life and incredible bounty on the mountain.  We can experience as much or as little of the heights of it as we want it’s our choice.  Enjoy the fact that you are on the mountain and stop fighting for the peak.  No one lives up there. -MWW

The Mountain Metaphor I have come to most recently is this.

The idea of Faith to move a mountain changes when we realize that WE ARE THE MOUNTAIN.  

The obstacle to overcome was always only ourselves.  The climb to the top was always only climbing to the peak of our own potential.

The mountain of losing that weight.

The mountain of quitting Alcohol or Drugs.

The mountain of getting that job or overcoming our financial insecurity.

The Mountain of finding Love.

The Mountain of finding happiness… and on and on.

Each of these are personal Mountains but the fact remains that the mountain is us and we are spending our lives not overcoming or moving the mountain with some form of God Magic called faith.

We are spending our lives in the delusion that a Mountain exists outside of us.

Coming to realize that I am the Mountain and that having the little faith that I can move myself in the direction of a Destiny beyond any Mountain is freeing.

When I stopped thinking of moving a literal mountain and started thinking of myself as the Mountain the Universe said “Bam, here ya go.  All the energy and freedom you ever needed is now available to you.”

It was simply waiting for me to take the ultimate responsibility for my life.

And that is taking the Position of the Mountain.  A Mountain is Stable and is full of everything anyone could ever require for life.  Fully Abundant in all respects.

Because I am the mountain I can live at the Peak when I want to see the stars or look past the Horizon.

Because I am the mountain I can run in the forest with the others.

Because I am the mountains I can play in the streams and find shelter in the valleys and dark caves.

Because I am the Mountain I can be all things, no longer waiting for another to move me or tell me I am valuable.

Because I am the Mountain, I move my self.

Because I am the Mountain I do not look for sustainability in any other thing but myself.

Be the Mountain, Move yourself, Sustain yourself, Love your self- Peaks and Valleys.

Be the Mountain, Stable and sure-footed, requiring nothing more than what is already available to you.

If you would like to contribute to the Mountain please leave a comment.  But do not litter on the Mountain or you will be banned. Hahaha.  Or I will send a bear to eat you.

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Published by Matthew Whiteside

I am a writer, a storyteller, a yarn-spinning freakazoid. My life is full of two things today, lessons and blessings. I write fiction mostly but I also love to write about my life and the things I go through on a daily basis. Writing it out inspires and motivates me and that's why I do it. Plus if it does that for me maybe it will for someone else too.

14 thoughts on “Seek in Every Situation. You Are The Mountain. (with audio) #writingcommunity #fridayfeeling

  1. I loved hearing your inspirational message this morning, Matthew! Listening to it from your voice made it even more special. My favorite line: “Enjoy the fact that you are on the mountain and stop fighting for the peak. No one lives up there.” -MWW …Excellent advice and delivery of such a valuable lesson. Almost poetic, wouldn’t you say Crooner? 🙂

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  2. wrote in 2016 while still battling alcohol- I often hear people talking about their problems as if they were mountains. The problem is when I hear them describing their problems in this way, they are only focused on “the climb”. If you’re going to compare your problems to mountains, then you need to actually think about climbing them in that manner. Climbing a mountain isn’t just about the ascent (which many call the climb), it’s about the descent as well. The descent is just as hard and dangerous as the ascent, and you have to have both to finish climbing a mountain .In other words, you’re not supposed to get to the top and then dwell on it… you’re supposed to get to the top and then get over it.

    Great article Matt!

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