The Earth is Flat-Full Stream of Consciousness #writingcommunity Excercise.

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Disclaimer: This is a writing exercise. I know there is a load of mistakes it is meant to show what this writing exercise may look like and it is ok.  Grammar Nazis Please do not comment.  Below this exercise, you will find what I was warming up to.

When in the morning I rise and ask the multitude of life expanding questions that come to my ever changing ever posturizing existence, I have to stop myself as to not drop of the side of the planet and into the voids of the Univers.

Yes the Earth is Flat. I will explain.

This is a free form writing excercise I am doing right now.  I am priming myself for the rest of the day simply by writing all the words that meander into my mind unfiltered to get to a simple and profoud experience.

It is like writing a story with autofill on your phone. I know that words are all there, they are always there. I am prepaired to write down what ever it is that Is in my mind.  Is the world ready to hear the thoughts of a mad man, that believes the world is flat.

I see the horizon for which I run the direction and pondifference of examination in my mind blinds my physical eyes to be seen by a third, translucent eye.

One of unforseen ability and posterity. Of bustuous moxy and fordified latex.

The hammer in the mind of the nail which remains beyond the Universal veil.

What do I mean by this.  Well ofcourse there is a purpose and a rhyme a rythme but in time.

I must find the flow for which I seek to be the hurddle before the creek.  To Make the pass over the flow, I must give in to that rampant tow.

Be willing to sink, to drowned to fight.  To forget to breath as I write.

For the world is flat and my mind is incandecesent with a moment of clarity I find the present.

Enlightened by thought brought to my awarness beluxied by brightness for my Umbrella.  As the hail and the rain pour on my mind from above the earths flatest sky.

Sky of emarld dark green in awe I reach the depths for havertys ball.

I made a decision to work more on this.  I need to write because it is my gift.  Not alone but many I do have one of humor and levity, beyond for frag.

To blow it up I had to do, starting over it happens to you.  Thes words on paper or more than nonsense they are teaching me that even with out intent I can bring something of meaning of purpose and gain.

I can bring something of lasting flavor for those to gain.  Which deminsion do you claim are you a 2d dandelion or 3d mountain goat. The choice is yours but its important to remember we are the things that we focus on.

So be the one you really want and really want what you think you are because choosing wrong is not a choice because wrong does not exist. It is in your faulty thoughts that can take a piss lose yourself and bring it Mrs.

Jones for something for everything or not.  Let the thoughts pour out Judge them not.

They are just thoughts not guns or bombs, they can do no bad they can cause no harm.

You are not writing war or terror or fear you are writing from the tiny little voice you hear.  Write it, Write it, Write man.  Give your life a helping hand.


So that was full stream of consciousness writing, No editing just spewing out words on a page.  This is like warming up before exercise.  It may not look great and may feel a bit awkward and weird but it helps to get a lather built up for the intentional part of your writing.

Which is what I am doing know.

So, I made the decision to Stop taking submissions for interviews and book reviews the other day and made the announcement.  It feels good to put a halt to the title wave of scheduling.  It was a bit overwhelming honestly.

I am so grateful for it and so happy that the idea of interviewing people took off the way it did. I am not going to stop interviewing or making videos.  That is not the case.

I am simply taking a breather from scheduling so much right now so I can work on more things that have been placed at the back of the Priority line.

Such as…

Finishing my book.  I wrote 60,000 words in 3 weeks then the interviews started and I haven’t had time or energy to write another word in 3 months.  Well, that is going to change because I love the idea of this book and the characters involved so that shit is going to get done.

Second, I have been putting off getting on stage and doing standup for the first time.  I have put it off so many times because I am terrified of blowing it and then the only thing that I believe to be naturally gifted at, making people laugh, will be lost to me.

Well fuck that, I am going to step into that fear not run from it I know I am funny dammit.  I will be writing and practicing a stand-up routine in the coming weeks.  I will then be performing it live on my YouTube Channel before finding an open Mic to perform at.

Third, I am going to take some acting classes because I have always wanted to act and entertain and I need to work on that craft just as I work on the craft of writing.  It has to be developed and I can no longer sit back and allow other things to get in the way of my own personal development and dreams no matter how much I love doing them.

Fourth, I am going to start auditioning for theater plays.  I am going to start going for it.  You know its one thing to film my self in my room doing the things I want to do.  It is a completely different thing to become part of someone else’s vision and be that for a while.

I must grow or I die.  I must grow or why else am I here. To slowly perish and lose my light.  To be forgotten quickly because I accepted my Lot. To Die the death of a thousand lives is to forget to live for I am alive.

So I will live, I will fail, I will grow and learn, I will succeed after a many turns. I am more than what I currently am I am the future Matt I am the Matt I am.


Published by Matthew Whiteside

I am a writer, a storyteller, a yarn-spinning freakazoid. My life is full of two things today, lessons and blessings. I write fiction mostly but I also love to write about my life and the things I go through on a daily basis. Writing it out inspires and motivates me and that's why I do it. Plus if it does that for me maybe it will for someone else too.

13 thoughts on “The Earth is Flat-Full Stream of Consciousness #writingcommunity Excercise.

  1. Matt, I am going to have to read that again, and again, and again. You’ve blown my mind, and will again, and again, and again. For the world is flat my friend. I’ve been standing at the very edge for some time now. Teetering. Swaying. Leaning. Flailing. The invisible strands that hold me back, the souls of those I love connected to me. The becoming abyss beneath my feet over the edge of our flat land. Nothingness calls to me. Emptiness beckons me. Silence reaches for me.
    Some words on a screen. The ramblings of a madman? Perhaps, yet they speak to me. The screeches of a lunatic? Possibly, yet they stir a part of me. The bellowing of another lost soul demanding to be heard by the meatsicle it is trapped in? Almost certainly. My feet suddenly shuffle away slightly from the blackest of blackness beneath me. Do I hear it laughing nervously? It needs to feed. It must feed. The glow of my soul is being pulled towards it, painful strand at a time. Words on a screen by some funny fucker in a meatsuit I’ve never physically met, but my soul recognises. Suddenly recognises the evil before it, snaps back into it’s own broken, contorted and severely damaged meatsuit. The physical pain from deep within it, sears into every fibre of the vessel, burning into my soul, torturing it again, trying to defeat me. Trying to change me. Trying to drive my soul .. to insanity? No, I’ve been there, a lovely place to visit. Have myself a quaint little cottage there for my next trip there. No, I recognize this pain. It’s a servant of the chasm before me. It’s master is no longer laughing. It’s master is screaming, demanding to be fed. Another soul, it knows it hasn’t claimed to nothingness today. Not this day, bitch. Not. This. Day.
    Thank you, Meatsicle Matt, you reminded me why I’ve fought off death,not once, but twice, not for nothing. There’s a deeper reason. Pain distracts me, pain drives me to places I’ve never been before. Pain won’t defeat me, change me. I will learn to use this burden bestowed upon me for whatever reason. I will not just survive. I will thrive. Body and Soul!
    I’m heading back now, not to the edge of my flat earth, to the world that is your flat earth. See you there.
    Later darkness, my old friend, not this day.

    Not this day.

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    1. Wow James, this shit right here is beautiful man. Unbelievable honestly I’m blown away by your comment and your skill. I am overjoyed that my mad ramblings inspired something in another that is the beauty of the written word when we dont judge or sensor it. It touches all the places it’s meant to. Soo cool.


      1. Thanks man, blown away by my comment and my skill? I’ve got good reviews, comments like that, yet still plagued by self doubt. Lol. It’s not a fear of failure, I’ve already made $70 odd, so it’s a success. Lol

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