Clearing The Channel.

Podcast included on this topic. The mechanism that records reality is not something that is easy to diagnose. To many of us we spend our entire life with out a comprehensive understanding of the connection that guides us or speaks to us in everyday life. The voice has become a low sometimes irritating humContinue reading “Clearing The Channel.”

Is it OK to not be OK?

New Episode of our podcast Upon Awakening is Available now click the link below to listen.–To-Not-Be-OK-ej7u0f Sherrie and I discuss the proclivity we share for trying to pretend like everything is fine when in reality we are a puddle of goo inside.  We give thanks to those listening and hope that you all feelContinue reading “Is it OK to not be OK?”

Change: Do we all have to do it?

Sherrie and I have a new Mic, so the quality isn’t crappy anymore. In this episode, we talk about the inevitability of change and suffering in life and how we go about dealing with life’s most difficult situations. Also, we talk about farts for a bit. Enjoy.

All In: Upon Awakening Podcast Sherrie and I go all in and make a huge investment. Although there is fear we choose to walk by faith. Click the link and enjoy the episode.  Thanks for listening.

You Are The Savior of The World.

  It’s Christmas morning and it’s time for presents so I’d like to present you with this. No one is coming to save me from my life. No one is coming to forgive me of my sin and no one is coming to avenge the world and cleanse it of all the evil. No oneContinue reading “You Are The Savior of The World.”

I Don’t know what the Hell I’m doing.

Big surprise I’m sure. Matt has no idea what’s going on. No answers or solutions to any of the problems facing him today.  Honestly, for the past few days I have felt lost, completely for the most part disconnected from the source. This after feeling so absolutely connected only days prior.  It absolutely blows, itContinue reading “I Don’t know what the Hell I’m doing.”

Allowing The Lead to be Gold- Upon Awakening.

We learn what it means to Be anything and everything. Enjoy the Podcast it’s a good one. Link below.

Getting Through Tough Times- An experience  We all deal with times in which we believe,”that’s it I can’t go on.” When the reality is we have dealt with difficult breath stealing moments our entire existence, yet somehow amazingly here we are. What is it that captures us and steals us from life to make us believe we will not makeContinue reading “Getting Through Tough Times- An experience”