Available Now: “The Incredible Rhett Smiley: Infinity’s Mirror” By Matt Whiteside

I think you might like this book: http://a.co/1A0L6Cl DESCRIPTION So you want to be a writer? I mean how tough can writing a book be, especially with all the self-publishing services out there? Rhett Smiley a 22-year-Old stay at home son is going to learn the hard way what it means to struggle for yourContinue reading “Available Now: “The Incredible Rhett Smiley: Infinity’s Mirror” By Matt Whiteside”

Newest Podcast Out Now!!! #writingcommunity #Tuesdaythoughts

  Click The Picture to listen to the podcast. Click Link Below- UniWeb Interview Show Presents First Draft   On today’s Episode Anneliese voice of The World Tree Online Audiobook along with the Author, Marc Carlson Join me to discuss Publishing.  Getting your book seen and heard.  The process of becoming a Narrator for AudioContinue reading “Newest Podcast Out Now!!! #writingcommunity #Tuesdaythoughts”

UniWeb Interview With Author Of Jesus Fallacy Mark Kalita. OMG

Check out the Full Line up of Marks Books and a full write up on him on My Featured Content Page.  Featured Content

Watch “Interview With Author of the terrifying Blood Drops, WB Welch” on YouTube

  Just a couple of Hippies talking Horror, Jumping out of plane’s, and meditation. Had such a good time talking to WB about Blood drops and her inspirations and writing process. Check out her work in the links below. WB Welch Links Websit: https://t.co/mupe8XE2PE Tory Hunter Blog/WB Welchhttps://t.co/KZJJyOXgg9 Writing group: https://t.co/ZNeg1IALxm Scary Blog: https://t.co/aqevEMZQ1N BuyContinue reading “Watch “Interview With Author of the terrifying Blood Drops, WB Welch” on YouTube”

Watch “Author of Neon Calico and The Morrighan’s Song Series J.Webb Garrett joins the UniWeb Interview Show” on YouTube

Me and J.Webb Garrett, discuss the magic of writing and his 3 published books linked below. Talking with J. Webb touched my heart we discuss how writing has helped us overcome depression, and heartache, or feeling seperate. J.Webb Garrett’s hope is to help make someones day brighter by writing. Check out his work at theContinue reading “Watch “Author of Neon Calico and The Morrighan’s Song Series J.Webb Garrett joins the UniWeb Interview Show” on YouTube”

Boogie Man Goes bye, bye.

I have been on a journey.  A journey of self-discovery and growth.  Learning all I can about myself, my fears, desires, hopes, and dreams. I have been on a Journey.  It was once full of monsters and boogie men: fear mongers and dream crushing giants. I had been chased off the path many times, afraidContinue reading “Boogie Man Goes bye, bye.”

Wiping that Brain Blast Off your Face

Ughh, God. Sorry about the mess, that was nasty. So much came out, last time I wrote. So many ideas and thoughts it actually brought me to a whole new conclusion about the book I am working on. I am going to leave The Rage Within Part 1 up for another day to allow thoseContinue reading “Wiping that Brain Blast Off your Face”

The Rage With In: 1

The dust in the air was filling my lungs; the last explosion left a haze of thick eye puckering dirt that nearly blinded me.  If it were not for the bravery of a few good people I most certainly would have found myself loat to the blast. I have to be honest with you all,Continue reading “The Rage With In: 1”