Stupid Ideas

Success and failure, when did they become so mind altering?  In the same vein, when did figuring out who I am, become so difficult? The complexities with which I presume to see the world are really just egotistical arrogance based in believing my sensory perception to be the all knowing all seeing Eye. I seeContinue reading “Stupid Ideas”

Depressed and Alone

As a species, we spend our lives looking up for meaning and looking to the stars in wonder and question. Are we alone? Is this all there is? Am I all there is? The question has bothered me for some time now, as I struggled with Depression and the feeling of being alone. It’s strangeContinue reading “Depressed and Alone”

Watch “Author of Neon Calico and The Morrighan’s Song Series J.Webb Garrett joins the UniWeb Interview Show” on YouTube

Me and J.Webb Garrett, discuss the magic of writing and his 3 published books linked below. Talking with J. Webb touched my heart we discuss how writing has helped us overcome depression, and heartache, or feeling seperate. J.Webb Garrett’s hope is to help make someones day brighter by writing. Check out his work at theContinue reading “Watch “Author of Neon Calico and The Morrighan’s Song Series J.Webb Garrett joins the UniWeb Interview Show” on YouTube”

Boogie Man Goes bye, bye.

I have been on a journey.  A journey of self-discovery and growth.  Learning all I can about myself, my fears, desires, hopes, and dreams. I have been on a Journey.  It was once full of monsters and boogie men: fear mongers and dream crushing giants. I had been chased off the path many times, afraidContinue reading “Boogie Man Goes bye, bye.”

Clearing The Channel: Saying Thank You

  Happy Sunday to all.  I was thinking of all the content I have been putting out lately and how much fun I have had Interviewing writers and creators. Life is a beautiful gift today, and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who is supportive of this blog, my youtube channel, myContinue reading “Clearing The Channel: Saying Thank You”

Service: My Mission

I would like to offer you an opportunity. It is free, and all about helping you and your work grow. I want to see, all the people who put in effort and time into blogging, writing, creating, blow up and become the person they want to become. Read below to find out more. Good morningContinue reading “Service: My Mission”

Who Say’s You Can’t?

When was the last time you were told “No” to something you really wanted out of life?  Who told you no? Did it stop you? I have spent my life being laughed at, looked at sideways, and told that it wouldn’t happen or it can’t happen.  “You’re too fat; you’re too stupid, you don’t haveContinue reading “Who Say’s You Can’t?”

Do You Remember What Your Happy Face Looks Like?

This magnificent piece of art has been valued at over $32,000. I know, it is truly incredible work. If any of you have the distinct pleasure of being my friend on social media, I hope that you do I would love to be your friend, you were treated to a dazzling art show last nightContinue reading “Do You Remember What Your Happy Face Looks Like?”

Getting Off The Perfect Hook: How I Came to Forgiveness

  I stood in the parking lot of my apartment complex this morning crying. Looking up at the radiant light of a full moon, I was overwhelmed by a feeling. It wasn’t the freezing cold weather; it was something much more powerful. This morning after my work out, I was walking home from the gym,Continue reading “Getting Off The Perfect Hook: How I Came to Forgiveness”

Potentially, The Best Article Ever!

Uncork the stopper, open the box, let loose the wind from whence your life depends on sailing freer and higher than you ever thought possible. Allow your potential to guide you. The word Potential struck me this morning during meditation. It lit up in my brain like a big neon pink sign asking, “Do youContinue reading “Potentially, The Best Article Ever!”