Our Truest Self

It is important to be true to ones self. However, first it is important to know thine self then you can be true to it. I suppose we can be true to an untrue version of ourselves, but is that what we want?

I think we are looking for the truest representation of our humanness, the part of us that is uniquely different from the rest. Unfortunately we find that we differentiate ourselves in all the same ways as the rest of the population making us very much un-unique.

We can be who we are with out abandoning those we choose to love. We simply have to be more understanding to those we don’t understand. More loving to those we don’t love, and more forgiving to those we don’t forgive. To see ourselves fail in these endeavors and truly reflect on said failures is a true expression of our uniqueness of our special disorder. Its also our super power, our yellow sun. Can we see that our difficulties are the truest reflection of our greatest strength?

If you couldn’t lift the weight it wouldn’t keep showing up.

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3 thoughts on “Our Truest Self

  1. Hello! You make valid points. We need to understand ourselves as individuals before we can understand other.


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