Be Your Own Super Hero- By S.C Jensen

S.C Jensen is a wonderfully unique and gifted writer that I met here on WordPress.  She is a published author and I would say a good friend that has helped me become a better writer.  She says that the magic of writing lies within the editing process for her and I think that is magnificent.  She currently won 2nd place for a short story she wrote.  If you are not already following this wonderful Lady please check her out at  and by her book “The Time Keepers War”.  For more about her watch the interview we did Here.

SC Jensen Super Hero.jpegI am the Weaver. You cannot see me unless you know where to look. But I am here, watching; I have always been here.

And I have always known you.

The threads of my mind tell your story. All the stories of humankind are spun from the gossamer of my dreams. You may never see me, but everyone sees a piece of my work. For some, it is a tapestry, bright and colorful and lush with sensual details. Some tangle themselves in a silver net of lies and what-ifs and other people’s threads. Some find the evidence of my labor etched in their own flesh, a web of sorrow and laughter worn like a mask until the end of days.

No one escapes my weaving.

I do not seek to judge. My threads know no right or wrong. I seek only to reveal the ways of being in the world. To connect the ugliness with the beauty and twine them together in a fat little bundle of life-giving juices, that is what I do.

Though not everyone has a taste for truth without judgment. Empathy is a bittersweet medicine.

There are those who fear me, who attempt to destroy my work. So I stay hidden in the dark places. I lurk at the edges of things, observing and collecting and piecing together fragments of forgotten things. I work tirelessly, ceaselessly, in the dusky corners of the brain. And when they tear me down, I rebuild. I pick up the dropped threads and mend the holes of fear and forgetfulness. The stories weave themselves through me. I cannot be destroyed.

If I stop weaving, humankind stops dreaming. Without dreams, what is a man but a stone made of flesh and bone?

You may never see me, but my threads are always here for those who seek them. Give a little pull to see the vibration of your story against another, to see where each and every story connects to your own. Find a little bundle of truth to sample. See yourself in the tapestry, the web, the fine lines…

Let me tell your secrets.

I will not judge you for them. – S.C Jensen


Published by Matthew Whiteside

I am a writer, a storyteller, a yarn-spinning freakazoid. My life is full of two things today, lessons and blessings. I write fiction mostly but I also love to write about my life and the things I go through on a daily basis. Writing it out inspires and motivates me and that's why I do it. Plus if it does that for me maybe it will for someone else too.

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