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So today I am joined by the extremely talented Matthew Brown.  He is currently working on an Epic Fantasy Novel where he has created his own language and world to play in.  I interviewed Matt a little over a month ago and I was blown away then by his incredible storytelling ability.  He also has a fantastic blog here please check out the free Story Valkyrie that he is writing along with his other Motivational and Inspirational writings and follow him on Twitter @matbrown012  In case you missed our interview it will be linked below his Blog post.  Thank you for sharing this Matthew- Enjoy world.

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The ballroom was filled with music, dance, and wine along with every kind of food from which one could dine. She surveyed the scene so beautiful and grand, seeing all manner of costumes and masks from all over the land.

Each mask was different and unique, with matching costumes fitting to form and flattering every physique. It was spectacular and enchanting, all of it arrayed in such perfection, even more so when she saw her own reflection.

The gown she wore was breathtaking and bright, her golden mask gleaming in the light. Smiling to herself, pleased by what she saw, the girl then turned, noting the onlookers gazing at her in awe.

There was one who seemed different from the rest, one who was very differently dressed. He was tall and handsome, yet plain, but his attire and character she could not ascertain.

He seemed familiar, she did not know how. Each time he saw her he would smile and give a slight bow. There was elegance and a gentlemanly demeanor about him that she could not deny, but still, she could not place him no matter how hard she did try.

The costume and character he seemed to portray made no mark and appeared to have little to say. Its colors were neither vibrant nor pristine, but still held an allure leaving her wondering what it could mean. He carried himself in a way that said something more but still, left her confused and unsure.

Her heart pondered it briefly for a time, at least until she found herself stepping to the music, following its rhythmic rhyme. There were many that came forward to take her hand, asking to dance in the ballroom grand.

Some, she would accept, while others decline, and for them, she cared little or did mind. Only the best would simply do, even if the best in their costumes seemed somehow untrue.  Their masks were lovely and captivating, that she could easily see, but they didn’t act like who they appeared to be. With each one she danced, though the time with her partners was brief, and at their parting, she felt a small sense of relief.

There was the one who wore a mask like a raven’s so dark and black, whose smile hid the sincerity he lacked. He was witty, sharp and seemingly pure, but there was something underneath that left her uncertain and unsure.

His words were crisp, fresh and cool, but eventually, he showed himself to be the fool. He would say much, but give little in return, his heart shallow ever unable to learn.

He was loved and liked by many in the ballroom grand, but there were whom he could not stand. It was the man she had pondered, looking so plain, the raven mask held him in great disdain. He would murmur and whisper to any passerby, telling them things she knew were untrue and an outright lie.

Then there was the wolf, so charming and grand, but even he seemed to hold another in his hand. He would wander from partner to partner without concern or care, leaving only disappointment and despair. True, he seemed kind, charming and nice, but dancing with him always seemed to have a price.

It didn’t matter if he held one hand or two, but even he showed something that was untrue. He was confident and that was appealing, but there too she saw something that he wasn’t revealing. Like the raven, he had a smile that seemed happy and true, but something told her there was something known to a tiny few.

He also seemed to hate the man dressed so lovely and plain, holding him in great disdain. The wolf would often stare almost jealously, as the man seemed to be loved by not one, but two maybe even three. It didn’t matter where the man stepped for his presence was known, even to the wolf was great kindness shown. The wolf simply scowled and took his leave, his partners keeping a tight hold of his sleeve.

Then came the jester so full of life and glee, his happiness plain and easy to see. His dancing was lively but seemed always out of step. He couldn’t keep the rhythm or move in time with the beat, often stepping on other’s toes and forcing them to take a seat.

His jokes were funny and a delight, but secretly saw they were made in poor taste and out of spite. As a partner, he was intolerable and trite. His attention seemed focused only on himself and was quick to put any other topic quickly back on the shelf.

She was happy to see him go and had even encouraged him to leave. He being self-focused was only happy to give her a reprieve. Like the wolf and the raven before, the handsome man the jester did not adore. He often made jokes, making it a point to offend, all the while pretending to be the man’s true friend. The handsome man, simply smiled ever gracious and kind, he didn’t even appear to mind.

For hours she danced with each partner failing to be what she expected, all the while not noticing her steps were being directed. And when the last hand did extend, she saw it was the handsome man that so many seemed to offend.

At first, she froze not knowing what to do, hesitantly pondering if this was yet another dance that would be deceitful and untrue. His warm smile appeared to say something more, but of the character he portrayed she was still unsure.

The handsome man was familiar though still, she did not know why. She strained to place him, but nothing clicked no matter how hard she tried. Hesitantly she took his hand in hers and they danced throughout the ballroom grand, danced as she felt herself hold him more tightly in her hands.

It was a dance like no other, a dance that she would not leave for another. She could not imagine anything more grand than being with the handsome man, dancing in the ballroom grand.

Then the clock sounded, each ring echoing into the night. It was a sound that filled her with a terrible fright. The time had come for the grand reveal, a time when the masks would fall and she would see what was real.

The handsome man she had danced with so long into the night, a dance so wondrous and full of delight, stepped onto the large stage at the end of the room. All eyes on him, their anger in full fume.


“Welcome, welcome one and all, welcome to my grand ball. Now is the hour and time that you have waited to see, now is the hour when you will know me. I say remove your masks, and give your names true. I say, show everyone the real you.”

One by one she saw them hang their heads, eyes full of shame. None of them were willing to step up and give their name. No masks came off or costume to show what was true, none willing, not even a few.

Then her eyes were opened and she knew who the handsome man was and what was true. She had always known him but did not remember why and soon after she began to cry. He had never worn a costume or mask to hide his face; he was what she saw, and in him, deceit had no place.- Matthew Brown



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