Are You Anxious?

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I don’t know what it is about Monday (even if you are reading this on a different day) but I am full of anxiety. And, if I know anything about the human condition, its that if I am feeling a certain way, it is a guarantee that there are a bunch of other people feeling the exact same way.

So, let’s talk about it and let’s get through it together.

The insecurity of another week is here. Whether that means, facing a week full of a job you hate.

Dealing with people or situations that may be difficult.

Facing the unavoidable financial difficulties coming your way.

Feeling alone and fearing that you may not be able to take the loneliness much longer.

The number of reasons for the anxiety we feel can be numerous. That in itself can feel overwhelming and as much as I want to tell you it will get easier, I can not guarantee that.

What I will guarantee is that if you follow these steps you will feel better.

The anxiety I am facing stems from an unknown future, which in reality is all we are ever facing as none of us are fortune tellers, as far as I know.

What I do know is how to deal with anxiety when it starts to become to much.

Step 1-Community

You are not alone in this and you never have been. A lot of times we can feel so caught up in our own fear that we forget that we are surrounded by people that care about us and want to help us, even if we do not want their help.

My number one tip for dealing with anxiety and overwhelm is talking to someone. Preferably someone I love and trust, but if you don’t feel that you have that in your life, guess what you get to make a friend today.

Talking to another person releases the feeling that we are taking on a seemingly overwhelming task all by our selves. Another benefit of talking to other people is that if your lucky you will talk to a funny person and they will make you giggle and laugh until the anxiety is swallowed whole in your joy.

*If you really want to feel better join a support group, I have and it makes the load so much easier to carry.

“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”

Misty Copeland

Step 2-Honesty

Get honest with yourself, are you tired, or hungry? If so, take a nap and have a sandwich.

This may sound like a silly kindergarten solution but we have to remember, almost everything we ever needed to know we learned in kindergarten. Also, trying to deal with any problem when you are hungry or tired can make a mountain out of any mole hill.

It may not feel like you have time to rest but trust me, resting and eating will change your world. Just ask the Buddha, he was fat and happy a.k.a. enlightened and all he did was nap and eat (I understand that I may be simplifying what the Buddha was doing but also, maybe not).

“Honesty is often very hard. The truth is often painful. But the freedom it can bring is worth the trying.”

Fred Rogers

Step 3- Perspective

Think about a week ago, or a month ago, or a year ago and the problems you were facing then. Then when you remember that you can barely recall any of the problems you had to face in your past, remember that soon this week will be a month from now, and you won’t be able to remember how worried you were then either. (This sentence may seem confusing, but read it again. It’s super good).

Or, you will and you will see that you made it through something you had no idea you would make it through. When you realize you have been through some tough crap before and you are still here actually stronger, smarter, more beautiful and cooler than ever, you will feel a bolt of empowered lightening shoot through you.

See our past can be used for good, doesn’t always have to be used for beating ourselves up.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Step 4-The Eternal Now

Go for a walk, or a roll or a sit in nature. Spend time breathing deep. In this moment you are safe. You are in the eternal moment known as Now. In this Now all potential exist, there is no past, no future, no bills and no stupid people that drive BMW’s always pulling out in front of you. It’s just you as you have always been, a beautiful expression of the Universe’s love. Be Love, receive the love that is yours and will always be yours.

You are “IT” baby, and you are free right now.

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”

Charles Spurgeon

I hope this was helpful. If it was not helpful to you, I want you to know that it was sincerely helpful for me to write about.

Which, if I am being honest is all I really care about. I hope you care about yourself the same way.

With love and free from anxiety, you got this.


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