Tao Te Ching Day 14: The Holographic Universe

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Therefore, Tao is great, and heaven, and earth, and humans. Four great things in the world aren’t humans one of them?

TTC- chp. 25 (Addiss & Lombardo)

There are four great things, Tao followed by Heaven, followed by Earth, followed by humans. Humans are sovereign and follow Earth. Earth follows heaven, heaven follows Tao, Tao follows its own nature – All in All.

As above so below. Macro to micro.

All life, all creation moves in accordance with the Tao. All things create all things.

I create this writing and in so doing this writing is creating me. This is a welcome expression of all things appearing together simultaneously, not as a result of one another.

A wave does not result from the ocean, it happens in creation with the ocean. When I can begin to understand what the Tao Te Ching, is saying over and over again is that all things are in relational correspondence with one another.

If the bee did not exist the flower would not exist. If the sun did not exist we would not exist, but it is also vice versa. The sun exist because we exist. Heaven exists because earth exist. Earth exist because humans exist. And so on and so forth.

It is the model described by The Holographic Universe theory. Where in each thing is an infinite version of that thing happening at every level. If you divide nothing by nothing you get nothing. If you divide everything by everything you get everything.

A Holograph is a “whole” large image created by an infinite number of tiny “whole” images. Each little image is the exact copy of the large image.

The Tao Te Ching is, in its own way, describing this feature of the Holographic Universe Theory.

What does this mean, you may be asking.

Here is what it means. Time and space are creations of our imagination. We are existing at all times in the Eternal moment, where all realities are playing out on an infinite stage. We have a thought of a future we want, it is already taking place the moment we think it in to existence. The only thing keeping it from manifesting in this reality is our continued focus upon it.

Here is what it means. Time and space are creations of our imagination. We are existing at all times in the “Eternal Moment”, where all realities are playing out on an infinite stage.


It’s like sailing. You decide you want to go to an island that you know is out there. However, on your voyage you are hit with every obstacle imaginable and instead of getting to the island you end up on another island. Now, the first island still exists, but our focus upon it has been lost do to distractions. If we want to make it to the first Island we must forget the distractions and get back on course.

Think Homer’s “The Odyssey”

Because the Tao exists, humans exists, and because humans exists, the Earth exists, and there is no end to this cycle. The way of all things is to emerge simaltaneously.

It is the same reason why when you have a great idea, all the ways that idea is stupid also appear. These things all exist together.

When I think, I want to be a writer all the ways in which I think I don’t understand writing exists.

When looking into going back to school, I see so many different options for schools along with every reason why school is a waste of time.

When I think about going for a walk, at that same time, all the reasons why going for a walk is hard, pop up.

This is the way of things. They all exists in simultaneous relationship with one another.

If we want to have money, that exists in the same realm of being broke.

If we want to be in great shape that exists in the same realm of being out of shape.

There is no end to this.

It is in this natural relationship that practicing being one with the Tao comes into play. “We must do nothing and let our dust settle, so that action arises naturally.” (TTC)

Alan Watt’s put this a wonderful way by saying, “If you are going to take on the devil tomorrow you better not let him know your plans today, best to just allow it to happen naturally.”

We can’t hit the target that knows all of our moves. Pre meditation keeps us from our target. Allowing for the target to be hit when I am not trying to hit the target is the way of the Tao.

Ok, This is simple stuff for simple people. If you don’t understand it, it’s probably because you are a moron.

Happy Day.

Something unformed and complete, Before heaven and earth were born,

Solitary and silent, Stands alone and unchanging, Pervading all things without limit.

It is like the mother of all under heaven,

But I don’t know its name-

Better call it Tao

Better call it great.

TTC- Chp. 25 (Addis & Lombardo)


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