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Trent Foster is the story of a man who thought he had his whole life figured out.  Until the Universe sent a group of super-natural bounty hunters after him.  Trent has to close the door on his old life and transform into the hero he had always been.  If you enjoy, fast paced, super powered action, you will love Trent Foster & The Council of 10.  Available now on Amazon as E-Book and paperback.  Kindle Unlimited users read free. Click Here

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What would you do if you suddenly discovered you are wanted by ancient intergalactic beings and that you have nearly unlimited powers? This is exactly the question Trent must answer in Trent Foster and the Council of 10 by Matt Whiteside. Lately, Trent has been depressed. His life feels empty, and his job as a personal trainer just isn’t fulfilling anymore. Everything changes, though, when Trent’s apartment is blown up and Trent is kidnapped.

Rainjier is a Sentinel, a being with magnificent abilities tasked with keeping the galaxy safe. When the Council (ten beings who give the Sentinels their assignments) start gunning for Trent, Rainjier knows something’s wrong. Trent has no history of violence and can’t possibly be a threat to the galaxy. He rushes to Earth and gets Trent before the real bad guys can. Along with Trent’s dog and co-worker, Trent and Rainjier must figure out why the Council wants Trent, as well as what Trent’s powers are, before the other Sentinels catch them.

This book contains a fantastic adventure. From the first explosion, the action takes off running. Once Trent comes into his powers, things get even more interesting, as his abilities seem almost limitless. This could have had the effect of making Trent overcome everything too easily, but the author did a great job of keeping the threat real.

Speaking of the threat, the Sentinels were my favorite part of this book. There were several from different planets. Their various appearances added a nice touch. For example, a giant Sentinel captures Trent’s friend Ferra. At one point aboard the Sentinel’s ship, Ferra has to use the facilities, which are appropriately sized for her captor. The result was quite humorous. The array of powers was fascinating, too. One Sentinel could create stunningly realistic visual and auditory illusions. Another has abilities similar to the sirens of Greek myth, and it turns out she’s descended from them.

There are quite a few instances of adult language and thoughts in this book, which means I recommend it only for readers aged eighteen and up. Fans of superhero fiction or science fiction adventure stories might enjoy this book. If it bothers you, beware the cynicism. Otherwise, hop aboard a ship and join Trent on a journey into the unknown.


dead heart imageSir Ageon’s last breath should have been well, his last breath, but fate decided differently. As the son of the greatest Knight in history Sir Ageon, will go on a quest that not even death could keep him from. Finding love, friendship and his true self along the way.  If you are a fan of Fantasy, and comedy you and your kids, will love Dead Heart: An Origin Story.  Look out for the sequel coming fall of this year.

You can purchase this story on Amazon or just click this Link Here.  Kindle Unlimited customers read for free.

Check out these 5 Star reviews  for Dead Heart

5 out of 5 stars
Very funny story
November 20, 2018

Witty, unique and very funny. The author has a knack for dialogue and creative story telling. A fun read for sure.

November 26, 2018
Verified Purchase
This light and breezy read is not your typical Knight’s of the Round Table Fare. The damsel is not in distress,she is distressed. Our hero survives on pig brains and goat entrails for the first 58 pages of this short story. So much for chivalry and courting young fair maidens.
Our young heroes quest is much more than your typical teen angst of trying to fit in and becoming their own persons. The humor banter and absurd situations keep the story moving/careening along. I look forward to following Ageon and Margaret on their next adventure!


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