The Rage With In

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For a millennia, it would seem the people of the peaceful planet Relzintar, had everything they needed.  There were no starving children, no lonely homeless men or women wondering the lush green eucalyptus paved streets. The only crime to be had was the crime of passion between the Relz, (its what the inhabitants were called)

The planet spun majestically in the inky sky as a Utopia, a place for which the rest of the Universe was envious. No other planet experienced such peace; no other planet was able to maintain such an amazing and glowing reputation amongst the stars.

But the Relz didn’t care about what all the other planets thought. Their planet was the best and for a good reason.  It wasn’t their fault that no other planet had taken the time or expended the energy to discover the ingredient to perfect life. It also wasn’t the Relz job to share that information.  They were actually sworn never to tell, and if they ever do then, well, all Hell would break loose, and I mean that in the most literal sense.

Let me explain.

Over a thousand years ago, the inhabitants of Relzintar were mining the planet for resources.  At that time death, war, starvation, and hopelessness where the pervasive qualities of the planet. It was a nightmare simply to be alive during this time, and many unfortunately found solace in ending their own lives.

It was dark times on Relzintar, and the mining efforts were falling short.  The planet just did not seem to have the resources necessary to sustain a population even of a few thousand.

Until, one day during a dig into one of the latest mountains on the planet, something was found.  Something that immediately and inevitably changed the fate of the Relz for the next thousand years.

No one has told this story, as they don’t want it getting out. The Relz are secretive about what they found that day for more than just a, find out for your self-kind of attitude. No, the Relz have a secret. A dark and sinister secret to the prosperity of their Utopian planet.

The only reason I know is because I escaped. I got the heck out of that terrifying place. I am almost too afraid to tell you what they are hiding for fear that they may come find me and kill me or worse.

I must tell you tho, because you.  Yes, you may be the only hope we have to save the Universe from what the Relz have started.

If I tell you, you must promise to help.  Otherwise, all my efforts were for not, and the Universe is doomed any way.

Let me know if you will help me in the comments, thanks.

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7 thoughts on “The Rage With In

  1. This would make a great opening to a much longer story.

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    1. Yep that is the hope. I am going to do a choose your own adventure where the reader gets to play along in realtime. Do you promise to help if I tell you the secret.

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  2. Love this! I’ll help fo sho! 👍

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  3. Okay, I’ll help. But only because I’m not ready to be doomed. What do you need?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just your Undying support. Thats all.

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