The Rise of Judges

Sitting dutifully erect, well barely, the Judge stares with wide eyes at it’s court. Witness after witness is brought before it, each more entertaining yet some how less convincing than the last. The Judge has seen this before to many times to count, the same story, the same excuses and the same reasons why they should be allowed to live. The Judge is restless, having observed this song and dance since childhood nothing is new and because it doesn’t surprise or delight any longer the Judge has no sympathy. Death. It roars, and nods off drooling a bit back to the next witness.

And so it goes, this is what we have become. A world full of Judges, watching, observing the lives of others since we were children to the point that we have become overly cynical of life. Worse we believe we know precisely how life should be lived and to those that do not agree well then they die to. We the Judges have excommunicated ideas, and people we do not agree with because we would rather watch something more pleasing and if it doesn’t please me then it must end, for we are the Judges, the Observers of this world and this Universe and if it does not work to my liking then off with It’s head.

This is where we are a world of people sitting in our own personal Coliseums giving the Thumb to what ever we please. Because we believe ourselves to be more righteous. We could never end up in the Arena fighting for our lives. No, not little old us, we just came for the show, the blood and the chicken wings. Can’t I just sit here and judge another persons life in peace I just worked for 8 hours and am trying to ignore my kids and wife, please.

We amuse ourselves with the struggle of gladiators, that these poor souls born and bred to fight just got a bad lot and so we do what we believe is our duty as a citizen of this world we judge them. We never take a moment to think maybe they are the lucky ones, the ones that are actually living. We judge the risk takers and the free thinkers, “get in line you swine, only one way to think here. Up or down that’s all you get.” What a small existence we judges live to only see what is given to us to see, to only eat what we are being fed.

What a worthless life we lead to never create anything beyond what we are told we deserve because we are to busy telling other people what they deserve. How could we have anything more when we shit on those that try for more. We dig our own graves in the form of a comfortable home with larger than life Judge boxes in every room, in our pockets and on our desks.

Here is where we have judged our own lives as worthless, by giving all of our lives to those we deem as less than or more than. A rank and file of man kind and we think we are God.

There can be no salvation with out grace, no forgiveness without love. We must stop Observing and Judging and begin to live again. A call to the wild hearts of all human kind is upon us we must take it before it takes us.


Published by Matthew Whiteside

I am a writer, a storyteller, a yarn-spinning freakazoid. My life is full of two things today, lessons and blessings. I write fiction mostly but I also love to write about my life and the things I go through on a daily basis. Writing it out inspires and motivates me and that's why I do it. Plus if it does that for me maybe it will for someone else too.

5 thoughts on “The Rise of Judges

  1. Yes, people are judgemental and this is a great flaw of Humanity. People have been living too long in the comfort of worthlessness. We all need to rise above the heartache and heartbreak and work together for the common good.
    Humans also have a tendency to over judge and over discipline themselves. Too much pressure, like taking the weight of the world on your shoulders, can be debilitating.

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