Tao Te Ching Day 20: We Have All We Will Ever Need

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Knowing others is intelligence,

Knowing your self is enlightened.

TTC – Chp. 33 (Addiss & Lombardo)

Chapter 33, stuck out to me today. I have spent all day at the baseball fields with my kids as they play in baseball tournaments. The sun, excitement, the dust, the driving and the constant action have left me feeling wiped out.

I see myself in this moment and know that I am tired, and that I do not have a lot to give in terms of the written word. I know that I want to do all that I can and in knowing these things I must realize that what I am capable of is always enough.

I know that we can not always feel like Mensa geniuses when tackling challenges in our life and I see writing today, in this moment as a massive challenge. But I also see that much of the fatigue or feeling of not knowing what to write comes from a place of expectation of what I am writing needs to be.

Conquering others takes force.

Conquering yourself is true strength.

TTC Chp. 33 (Addiss & Lombardo)

The challenge does not exist outside of me in the actual writing of this blog post. The challenge lies with in me, to simply write what is here to write. I am conquering myself by doing that which I feel is not possible. Every part of me just wants to shut down, go to sleep, and get to it tomorrow.

But I promised myself I would do this and I won’t break these kinds of promises ever again. This is how I rebuild the trust with my self. I have to be able to trust myself on a deeper level, to move to the next level. I have to know that my very best in this moment will be enough. Because this is what the moment has to offer.

If I truly understand the teaching of the Tao, then I see that there is nothing I must do. The moment provides all that I could ever require to be at my absolute perfect expression of myself.

It’s not denial, and it’s not hyperbole.

The gift of this moment, of being too tired to write, yet writing anyway. It shows me that my feelings and my thoughts are based in old stories. Stories that exist in a smaller life. A life that I had been living. But, each moment has an infinite potential an unlimited ability to be the most magnificent moment that we have ever experienced.

I can feel it know, building in the realm of quantum. I can feel the essence of that unlimited potential excited by my realization of it and my letting go of the old story, the old pattern.

Those old patterns that quit too easy, or allowed the promises to be broken. Allowed any excuse to get in the way. The old patterns that did not see the full abundance in each moment even when we feel at our absolute worst.

Realizing we are in the moment we are in, for the exact purpose we need to be in it, and if we can only see through the delusion of our old self to the NOW self we can live in an unbelievable, unlimited way.

Knowing what is enough is wealth.

Forging ahead shows inner resolve.

TTC – Chp. 33 (Addiss & Lombardo)

This is who we are, in every moment. When we stop seeing ourselves as old feelings and old thoughts, and instead exist right here in this infinite Now we express the Tao fully.

It is in our vulnerability that we find our strength. When we see the failing of who we thought we were we get to be reborn to something new, something even more expansive and amazing.

When we allow ourselves to feel weak, we have to acknowledge our true strength. That although we never wanted to be weak, or afraid, or feel unworthy or unloved, we do and what does that make us now. When our image of who we thought we were breaks apart can we let it? Can we fall apart with out dying?

We do all the time. In this moment deciding to write from the here and now and let go of any expectations I had for myself or my writing, I find a new me was waiting to be born. One that doesn’t need to feel a certain way to do what is in his heart.

That we can allow our selves to flow and unfold in the most amazing ways, even if we are tired.

Hold your ground and you will last long.

Die without perishing and your life will endure.

TTC – Chp. 33 (Addiss & Lombardo)

We die without perishing by letting go of whatever version of our self we are currently identified with, and move into the new self that exists just for this moment RIGHT NOW.

Isn’t that freaking incredible. I had no energy (so I thought) to write tonight, and here I am writing a way, a much longer blog than I had envisioned. Why? Because the me that was not yet in this moment did not realize the potential of the moment.

We must be willing to meet the moment when it arises and allow the energy that exists with in it to fill us to the fullest of its extent.

We are fully expressing the Tao in this way. Fully giving ourselves over to the infinite potential of the moment by letting go of what we thought the moment would be and just letting the moment be exactly what it is.

Any way, that was awesome and I am now full of energy. I hope you feel that too.

Either way, thank you for reading and,

Happy Day.


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