Tao Te Ching Day 60: The Peace With in

In and out, effortless motion like the ocean meeting the beach. That effortless place is magnificent in so many unspoken words. It is a place of true tranquility. What more is needed in the space between in and out?

What a gift it is to experience this union with life. The perpetual in and out of giving and receiving. The sweetest breath out of life gives to life that which it requires to be a part of life. Holding on to the life inside of us keeps us from life.

So all we must do is give freely and in freely giving we are able to continue our natural process of recieving. By holding on we shrink our own ability to recieve more. By giving more, we receive more; this is how breathing works. If we wish to expand our lungs we must constrict them by pushing all the air out, in so doing we create a greater space to reicieve the air that we need, and on and on it goes.

This is true for all things in life; all life is energy. Energy can come in forms that we perceive physically or in a nonphysical form, such as a thought; when we have ideas that are difficult to accept or process, they hold an energetic resonance close to that of a large rock or boulder.

I am sure you have experienced this phenomenon before, where an idea or the thought of something impossible comes into your mind’s eye. It is like running into a great wall, dense and seemingly impossible to digest or get past.

However, it is just an energy, like a mountain would be. If I had to overcome a mountain, I would not focus on the mountain’s peak for which I had to climb or the mass of the mountain of which it was made. Instead, I would focus on the energy given to me by the density of the mountain. The density allows me to scale it.

The wind has no density, so it is much more challenging to climb. Yet, the wind can be just as impeding as a mountain.

The wind has no density, so it is much more challenging to climb. Yet the wind can be just as impeding as a mountain.

-M. W.-

Think of what you can give to the obstacle inside of you, because believe it or not, what we see as a great stopping force or block is the same as if we felt the most positive thought, imagine a beautiful flower or someone you love. They are both only giving the energy that they are made of.

We are gifted in this way as humans that we can see that we are in a relationship with all things and move accordingly. What is it the dense energy is trying to give to me, maybe a place to put my feet so that I may move? So, I must only be willing to give back to it. I match its hardness with my softness; I am not as brutal as this mountain, yet I am more flexible and capable of movement, so I give it my flexibility and agility; it returns my gift with its gift of a solid foundation, and we help each other in this way.

It then becomes no challenge, no obstacle, but only a loving relationship.

“If one wishes to shrink it

One must first expand it

If one wishes to weaken it

One must first strengthen it

If one wishes to discard it

One must first promote it

If one wishes to seize it

One must first give it

This is called subtle clarity

The soft and weak overcome the tough and strong

Fish cannot leave the depths

The sharp instruments of the state

Cannot be shown to the people.

TTC 36 (Lin)

What in your life feels like the waves being held back from the beach? What energy are you dealing with that you may be unwilling to see how you can be in a relationship with it?

I have done this a lot in my life, fighting the gifts given to me because they do not appear as the relationship I would like them to be. They show up in the way they need to show up to meet me as I am now.

If I can meet life as I am now and be in loving union with the way things are, I can see that I am given everything I could ever want or need, and my only problem is I am not letting go of who I was to make room for who I am becoming.

Imagine your life as a room you live in, and in this room are all the things you have loved. The room has become extremely cramped and full, and even though it is full of all that you love, it is still uncomfortable to be in the room because there is no more space left. So, we have to make more space, and to make more space, we have to allow the room to be broken down and for the things inside of it to be moved out, so they do not get destroyed in the process. When we move all that we hold on to out of this room, the room can be expanded, so that we can live in a much freer way.

Do not be afraid to empty the room and begin tearing down the walls to build new ones; what you hold dear holds dear to you and will return if we allow it.

Again we must only allow this eternal flow of in and out to happen, and all else will take care of itself.

We are already gifted with all we need.

What gift will you give to your life today?


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