Tao Te Ching Day 60: The Peace With in

In and out, effortless motion like the ocean meeting the beach. That effortless place is magnificent in so many unspoken words. It is a place of true tranquility. What more is needed in the space between in and out? What a gift it is to experience this union with life. The perpetual in and outContinue reading “Tao Te Ching Day 60: The Peace With in”


I sometimes forget that in the book of Genesis, the story of “The Garden of Eden,” there was another tree aside from “The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.” The second tree in the garden was called “The Tree of Life.” You may be wondering what this has to do with the TaoContinue reading “TAO TE CHING DAY 57: THE TREE OF LIFE”

Tao Te Ching Day 2: The Master (with audio link)

The master does not concern them selves with the worrying of the future because they know that every end is a new beginning, and in each new moment is a limitless possibility for the full array of creation.