Tao Te Ching Day 72: The Warriors- How to Be The Greatest

“The great generals are not warlike

The great warriors do not get angry

Those who are good at defeating enemies do not engage them”

TTC 68 (Lin)

Of all the greatest warriors in history, the strongest of the strong, each and every one of them had one thing in common; they all kicked some serious ass.

From Superman to The Incredible Hulk– The Navy Seals to The Samurai even One Punch Man.

Whether the warrior is one based in history or fantasy, each warrior has their very own code of honor, the way they go about being their warrior self.

What we see is that our greatest warriors do not look for a fight. They only fight when they have no other choice.

I think of Mr. Myagi from The Karate Kid; it wasn’t until violence visited his literal doorstep did he step in and fight. (Daniel-son is a different story; that guy is a maniac)

But we can see that those that choose not to fight are made of something different (Gama Rays mostly). Their virtues align with the ultimate power that they have. They are great warriors, yet they do not go around beating up people because they know that things usually work themselves out. To fight everything would be a complete contradiction of the will of the Tao.

The Tao Te Ching is the basis for Sun Tzu, the art of war, and most modern heroes and warrior’s character and virtue are based on this methodology.


Because it allows for life to flow as effortlessly as possible. Non-contention.

“It is called the virtue of non-contention

It is called the power of managing people

It is called being harmonious with Heaven

The ultimate principle of the ancients”

TTC 68 (Lin)

This is also a virtue that shows up in most disciplined people; the ability to be a great warrior is not practiced to beat up people or win battles but instead be at the peak of one’s potential.

As beacons of human potential, the warrior stands for what is beautiful and powerful about being human even in our fragility; we can conquer ourselves and push past limits that others believe to be impossible.

That’s what the warrior is about. Not engaging in any opportunity to increase our ego. Discipline and overcoming our lower selves are the virtue of Heaven.

It also speaks to the idea that warriors are not ones to hold grudges they view all people the same like nature does and only when something is in contention with them do they feel the wrath of a warrior.


To be a powerful force is also to create division if the division is created; one immediately becomes at odds with the way things are; to be at odds with the way things are is also not aligned with the Tao.

This is why Jesus the Warrior king taught to turn the other cheek, if they want your shirt give them also your jacket. One can not take what is freely given. The greatest warrior does not fight because they have nothing to fight for.

I feel like I just undid all the rest of the stuff I wrote at the top but I think you get it. Great warriors avoid fighting at all cost. The greatest warriors have nothing to fight for so they freely give up their lives, maybe.

Ima stamp this one as liked.

Pretty cool stuff, Lao Tzu.

Happy Day

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