Tao Te Ching Day 70: King of The Valley

Rivers and Oceans can be the kings of a hundred valleys

Because of their goodness in staying low.

So they can be kings of a hundred valleys

Thus if sages wish to be over people

they must speak humbly to them.

If they wish to be in front of people

They must place themselves behind them.

Thus the sages are positioned above

But the people do not feel burdened,

They are positioned in front

But the people do not feel harmed

Thus the world is glad to push them forward without resentment

Because they do not contend,

So the world can not contend with them.

TTC 66 (Lin)

I think about the Universe. It has just sat there quietly, all this time being the Universe, and everyone now prays to the Universe.

“Oh great, Universe positioned as the backdrop of all reality give me the reality I want.” — Yep, that’s it.

It is greater than us, but we are not worried the Universe will harm us. It is the Valley of all reality and contains all life. Therefore it can be called great. It can be called Tao.

It’s like your grandma—the loving one, not the cranky one. A grandma doesn’t try and run your life; she doesn’t try and be the focal point of attention. She gives you cookies and love and tells you how everything will be ok, so we all love grandma.

These examples and more are what it means to live in the Tao; be a space of love, and everything will be added to you.

That is what I believe.

Happy Day.

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