How To Do ANYTHING: A dummy’s guide to be amazing.

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I love the idea of “How To” it is such a wonderful concept — a guide on how to do stuff.  Instruction manuals for life are being produced online at an incredible rate and if you didn’t know how to do something before you are sure as hell have no excuse not to know how today.

Because, in reality, the guide to doing anything is just a google search away.

Here is the thing with that though, what if you don’t know what you want to learn how to do, you know you need to get started on something. Well, you are in luck.  This article is about just that.

How To Do… Anything!

Moreover, I do mean anything from very exact simple things to grand scale massive things.  It is a much simpler process than one would think.

So without any further ado, Here-We-Go

First ingredient:  Identification-  It is important to ask our selves questions.  All types of questions from the very vague and broad to the specific and definite.

Step one is all about identifying the questions we need to begin asking our selves.  Because when you want to know how to do something, you need to ask the right questions to get the proper answers.

This is a simple process, no matter what it is you want to do, ask your self “Why” do you want to do that “Thing.” It is the base question for starting the process of learning “How”  discover the Why.

Second Ingredient: Expectations of results- This one is crucial, once we figure why we want to do something our pants will be on fire with a desire to do that thing.  When that happens, it is so important to not get to a point where we believe that as soon as we do the “Thing” we will achieve all the success at it we could have ever imagined.  It will take time to “get good” at whatever it is you are starting.

So, be kind to your self and do not set your expectations on day one to change the world.  That can certainly be your overreaching goal if you would like, but a more realistic daily or even momentary goal is the best practice here.

For example, I want to have powerful Pectoral muscles.  Why? Because like a bird calling to his mate in the jungle with a colorful array of dazzling feathers is made more beautiful by a massive chest.  I want to be a beautiful bird — great, perfect. Your “Why” is established.  Pushups work great for growing a muscular chest, instead of saying:  “I need to be doing 100 pushups a day,” start with, “I am going to do one push up right now and then maybe I will do one push up later.”

It seems pointless to some to start at such a low value, but if you never do push-ups, it is of the utmost importance to give your brain a rush of reward hormones when you accomplish the goal you set of one push up.  Because when you get that feeling you will want to do more, and 100 will be child’s play in a couple of weeks.  Temper expectations

Third ingredient: Action-Stop writing down your goals, stop talking about it, stop posting quotes about how successful you are going to be and just start doing the damn work.  Do one push up right now.  Alternatively, write one word for your book or movie.  Draw one line for your art, fill out one application, study for one minute.  Meditate for 1 second.  Just freaking start, right now.  No more, “I am going to start tomorrow, or I don’t feel the best right now, I will start when my headache goes away.”

Stop making all these stupid excuses and get started living the life you want to live.  It is sitting there looking at you like, “come on dude, you have been checking your facebook status for 4 hours now, I thought we were going to go for a run.”

Inaction is the number one killer of dreams, Period.  I say this a lot to people who know me, but the movie Forest Gump is an excellent example of what makes a person successful.  Forrest was not a very smart man, but what he did have was massive action no matter what anyone thought of him; he just did what he felt he needed to do.  He never waited for conditions to be just right or to feel like it, Forest just freaking Did it.

So, get started damn it.

Fourth Ingredient: Persistence-  No matter what the thing is you want to do, it is going to take time.  Moreover, if it means anything to you and you want to get good at it, it may take a lifetime.  So, when you fail at it, which you undoubtedly will try again.  It is not the most talented that succeed in life, sure they have a better chance, but it is the persistent that breakthrough.  I know for a fact that there are more talented actors, screenwriters and producer/directors in the world than Sylvester Stallone, but I can guarantee none of them will have the same kind of career as that guy has had because they don’t have the immense amount of persistence that he has.

So don’t quit, don’t ever quit.  If you really want to know “How To Do” something, anything…Just start doing it and never stop.  Duh.

I told you it was simple, don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.



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