Getting Uncomfortable

snow covered mountain range
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Deep in the heart of a great mountain, where the heat and pressure were incomprehensible, sat two pieces of coal staring into the heat.

“God, it is so boring down here.” Said Bob, the first piece of coal.

“Yeah, not much to do but wait to be found and be burned alive to cook someone’s steak.” Said Bill, the second piece of coal.
“Hey did you hear about Larry, he became a diamond,” Bob said to Bill
“Larry Coal is now Larry Diamond. You have to be joking; he was the laziest no good piece of coal I ever met.” Said Bill in disbelief.

“Yeah, apparently he sat there in the heart of the mountain and let the fire and pressure change him. Sad really, he just couldn’t accept himself.” Said Bob.
“Man, can you imagine being that pathetic?” Said Bill.
“Quiet, here he comes. Hey Larry, looking good man. You get a haircut?” Bob said, to Larry.

“Haha, no way Bob, Bill, is that you? What’s it been like 400 years or something, man you guys haven’t changed a bit.” Larry said with a laugh.
“Yeah we know, thanks for noticing. You look a bit different though.” Bill said.
“I know, it’s great right. I just got sick of sitting around waiting to be used for someone’s fuel one day and decided to make the change. Now look at me I am the hardest most valuable substance on earth.”

“Yeah, that’s great man, seriously happy for you to bad everyone can’t become a diamond,” Bob said, sounding irritated.
“No, Bob that’s not true, you can too. I promise I thought the same thing until I realized that all the guys that were becoming diamonds were doing it by moving towards the heat and pressure and not away from it.” Larry said excitedly.
“Yeah, those guys are crazy and sorry for saying Larry, but you must be too, putting yourself through that hell it’s not natural,” Bill said.

“Look guys; I can’t tell you if it’s natural or not I can only tell you it was worth the pain. Plus, what else did I have to do, sit around and watch tv and wait to die? No thank you, I am immortal now, I am going to be in Hollywood soon on some women’s finger.
“Ok, Ok, Larry enough of this crap, Bob and I are happy right where we are. In fact, we need to get back to what we were doing, so If you don’t mind, please leave.” Bill said, sounding very upset, Bob looked put off.

“Yeah, sure guys. Just remember if you are ready to change just head straight into the Discomfort. Ok, good luck guys.” With that Larry was off.
“Can you believe the nerve of that guy, questioning us saying his way of living is better, what a jerk!” Bill said,
“Just forget about him Bill, come on let’s see what’s on TV.”

Reality Break:

The past couple of days I have been struggiling to find the right words, the right actions. I was afraid of running out of stories to tell, which is strange since I am in the process of writing three freaking books. Still, the fear persisted, and I didn’t know what to do.

Then I realized, that the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, that help me create stories never run low. What happens is my ability to express, what I am feeling and thinking, is not there yet. Which is ok, I am growing. But I forget that growth takes a level of being uncomfortable. If I am unwilling to become uncomfortable anymore or try anything new, then I will not be able to continue expressing the thoughts and feelings in my life.

I must stretch past what feels comfortable every day to realize the diamond lying inside. If I want to grow, I must move towards the discomfort and surrender to it completely. Allowing the pain to transform me into the truest most authentic version of myself.

It is like this with many things in life. If I want to run a Marathon, I can not simply get up and do it. I have to learn how to run one step first, then another, then a mile. Learn the discomfort in a mile and know that I can get stronger and better and maybe run two miles learning over and over again day after day the discomfort of each new step forward. Learning the discomfort involved in every second of my growth to a new life, a new version of my self, is necessary if I am to get to a new level.

But I must be willing to step into the discomfort, to move towards it with courage and boldness. Allowing the discomfort to shape me and mold me. It is the fire and pressure that refines me to a new level of living — the fire that burns away the old me to give life to the new more valuable version of me.

I have to accept that living in comfort is not the goal. I remember living a comfortable life, and it was full of misery. The only true joy I have ever found has come from the growth of pushing into the heart of the mountain and being changed by it.

When I can live each day moving a step at a time, into the discomfort of a better, more fulfilling and valuable life, that is when I am truly living, and not waiting to die.

Have a great day. I hope everyone moves towards a better version of themselves today, one step at a time.

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Published by Matthew Whiteside

I am a writer, a storyteller, a yarn-spinning freakazoid. My life is full of two things today, lessons and blessings. I write fiction mostly but I also love to write about my life and the things I go through on a daily basis. Writing it out inspires and motivates me and that's why I do it. Plus if it does that for me maybe it will for someone else too.

3 thoughts on “Getting Uncomfortable

  1. Word. Being uncomfortable sucks for sure, but the rewards of the growth that comes with it are so much greater. The coal story/analogy is fantastic. I think the only way you would ever run out of stories is if you stop making them.


  2. I truly enjoyed your story.
    But what struck me the most is when you said this “But I must be willing to step into the discomfort, to move towards it with courage and boldness. Allowing the discomfort to shape me and mold me.”
    It’s not an easy thing to do butttt once you succeed wow, you’ll be a totally different person.
    Great blog post 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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