Tao Te Ching Day 80: Overwhelm

“While alive, the body is soft and pliant

When dead, it is hard and rigid

All living things, grass and trees,

While alive, are soft and supple

When dead, become dry and brittle”

TTC 76 (Lin)

I have a shit load of things, tasks, work, stuff to do in my life at the moment, and I am feeling the overwhelm of it all. Even writing this blog today feels like such a difficult task because I know how many things need to be accomplished and on a deadline.

Yet, the Tao reminds me to feel overwhelmed in the way that I am is because of a fixed mindset that is brittle; it says, “get everything done, in this way at this time, or we are dead.” Well, the truth is, that kind of thinking is already Death thinking.

It is too rigid in nature; there is no room for grace or humanity to come in. I feel overwhelmed because of my dry and brittle mindset. I will become soft and pliant now to become alive again. It is that simple.

I mean it is simple, but I can not say it is alway’s easy.

Happy Day

Tao Te Ching Day 79: Yes And…

“The Tao of Heaven:

Does not contend and yet excels in winning

Does not speak and yet excels in responding

Is not summoned and yet comes on its own

Is unhurried and yet excels in planning

The heavenly net is vast

Loose, and yet does not let anything slip through”

TTC 73 (Lin)

How can such a paradox as this exist? That it is both- and, neither-or, yes-no, this-that, is a mind boggler if I have ever seen one. But it’s only when I try and make sense of such a thing that it is mind-boggling.

The Heavenly Tao is without any form and any meaning. It simply is. It’s hard for me to fathom anything as not having meaning or purpose yet the Tao exists in this way.

I will compare it to a work of art. The artist may not have had any idea why the painting needed to be painted, only that they felt like painting it, and not until it was taking form did purpose arise, but not from the image. The purpose arose from the already formed thing that was the painter.

The Tao is said to be the formless, is it a wide net? Yes. Is it loose but catches everything? Yes.

Is it able to accomplish anything without doing anything? Yes.

Is it the evil of the world? Yes.

Is it the good? Yes.

Is it familiar and unfamiliar? Yes.

Is it you and me? Yes.

It is the great Yes and. My improv fans will enjoy that one. The Tao does not discriminate, and because of this, it says yes to light and dark, good and bad.

It is why it seems like a paradox, but in reality, makes perfect sense. It allows all things and is all things.

The paradox is three letters Y.E.S




Happy day.

Tao Te Ching Day 78: The Bold and The Beautiful

The bold and daring will be killed

the bold and not daring will survive.

TTC 73 (Lin)

This is an interesting passage from the Tao Te Ching. It is saying that to be bold, meaning having a distinct identity and holding serve, you will live. However, if you throw some daring in there, you will be killed. I take daring to mean reckless living.

It is one thing to live distinctly as yourself; it is another altogether to shove it in the faces of others. Daring can be seen as pride, flaunting knowing yourself.

We have already seen in previous chapters that the sages do not believe in taking this approach of praise for knowing oneself or holding yourself in high esteem.

This is what it means when it is said that the bold and daring will be killed.

It’s pompous that you have discovered this miracle that is you and then separates yourself from the rest of the world. It is a daring thing to separate yourself because you believe you are the best version, not just of yourself but of anyone.

So just be yourself and be content with who you are. Flaunting is a fool’s game. Or a Peacocks.

Happy Day.

Tao Te Ching Day 77: Who’s Asking?

Therefore the sages:

Know themselves but do not glorify themselves

Respect themselves but do not praise themselves

Thus they discard that and take this.

TTC 72 (Lin)

Why are we to know thy self and not glorify ourselves?

Why are we to respect ourselves and not praise ourselves?

And, what is discarding that and taking this referring to?

Three questions that will be answered on today’s episode of:

Tao, according to some guy on the internet 🌐.

Welcome to the show that everyone is talking about. Where we take the Tao Te Ching and bring out the most significant parts of it so that your life will be better and more exquisite than a latex coat on a fox.

Knowing ourselves means that we have an insight into our nature that can not be attained through the illusioned giving of outside wonders.

We are to know ourselves and not glorify ourselves as we see that others that have glorified themselves create enemies, jealousy, and greed for what they possess. Yet what we possess that makes us worthy of envy can not be stolen. It can only be hated and to be hated for what you are is to bring disgrace to the Tao. We are as we are; to vainly flaunt is a fool’s game.

In the same way, respecting ourselves, we have no need for praise from ourselves or others as we are in full awareness that what we are and have is a gift not to be praised or flaunted but to be cultivated and given freely as it was given to us.

The reference to “that and this.” That refers to something other, past, future, any external thing. This refers to the here and now. It refers to the very nature of all things at this moment. That is not real; only “This” is real. Take this moment and be fully in it.

Well, there you have it. Three questions were asked and answered of the Tao Te Ching from some guy on the internet.

I want to thank everyone for reading; I would also like to thank the internet for allowing me to say pretty much anything that comes to me and put it out for people to read.

Happy Day.

Tao Te Ching Day 76: Ron’s Pizza

Do not limit their place

do not reject their livelihood

Because the ruler does not reject them

Therefore they do not reject the ruler.

TTC 72 (Lin)

I have cried a lot in the last two weeks. Really good crying, too, the kind that makes you feel so bad it feels good. The kind where you try to think about sad stuff some more so you can keep crying, like holding your hand under boiling water till it starts to feel cold.

Has that ever happened to you?

It happened to me, and there were many reasons why, but the main reason it happened was that I am sober, and I feel life again. I felt some shit that I hadn’t felt in a long time, and I felt it because I had hidden from it for a long time.

Well, the hiding is over, and the tears are flowing. It reminds me of why we are here in the first place in this world. To experience some good ol fashion life.

“Put the back ho in the tow truck, Bob. We got work to do.”

If you feel like there is work to do its because there is.

I limit my place, I reject my livelihood. Therefore I have been hiding.

I no longer limit that I am here and that my livelihood is here. It is all open to interpratation.

Did you know that 99% of people aged 19-42 are more likely to die in a hot air balloon, if its driven by a cat. Don’t let cat’s fly hot air balloons.

Ok there was one other thing, between here and there I met this guy. His name was Tom. Tom built parts of the space ship that was flown into the side of the Grand Canyon in the movie Independance Day.

I know some people will see this and think, “What the fault is this guy talking about? Does he know this doesn’t make any sense?”

Are there more than three sides to every coin?

The answer is popsicle Tuesdays would be better than Taco Tuesdays.

You can call the cops, but I think you would feel better if you just called your mom.

Tonight we dine, in the bathroom.

Tao Te Ching Day 75: The Waldo

Agression, force only produce counter forces. Since we live in a physical world we are dealing with the forces of physical law constantly. I couldn’t break wind with out force, and trapped gas hurts.

So why does the Tao Te Ching talk about never doing anything, never being an agressor or a force of any kind?

Well, because according to the Lao Tzu, a fart will come out when it is ready and I do not need to force it. Well that is real convient but what about this job interview?

37 ducks playing west side story next to a banjo holster.

There is not an end


TO find any peace is to lose any chance at pizza

Beyond the grave is a ghost ship filled with dog diapers

They said I couldn’t make it to state, they were wrong

The fulfilled will alway find the perfume dangling song

Can a daughter of sixteen aunts still be in the same place as the frost kin?

I would like to challenge you to a duel, first hand me your gun.

Can cats kill cucumber carts catergorized correctly?

Tony believes in second chances, Tonya belives in love at first sight, are they the same person?

Romance lives in the heart, hearts lie with in every romance, the lies we tell to keep romance alive removes our hearts from with in, but without the lies only our lives are left with in the heart of our romantic lives.

A sentence is a terrible thing to waste.

Can you believe they only said yes to everybody?

This music makes me sad; I love this song.

Forget the championship, Ill take the goat for a walk.

Basketballs are shaped like ballons with solider edges.


Lets go to the prom, I hear they have great dance movers, I have to get this couch out of my apartment, I don’t care how they do it.

“When people no longer fear force

They bring about greater force.”

TTC 72 (Lin)

Tao Te Ching Day 73: Haiku

Growing through time, peace

Moving fast, speeding by, death.

Sunrise, sunset, Tao.

Those who are on tiptoes cannot stand

Those who straddle cannot walk

Those who flaunt themselves are not clear

Those who presume themselves are not distinguished

Those who praise themselves have no merit

Those who boast about themselves do not last

Those with the Tao call such things leftover food or tumors They despise them

Thus, those who possesses the Tao do not engage in them

TTC 24 (Lin)

Tao Te Ching Day 72: The Warriors- How to Be The Greatest

“The great generals are not warlike

The great warriors do not get angry

Those who are good at defeating enemies do not engage them”

TTC 68 (Lin)

Of all the greatest warriors in history, the strongest of the strong, each and every one of them had one thing in common; they all kicked some serious ass.

From Superman to The Incredible Hulk– The Navy Seals to The Samurai even One Punch Man.

Whether the warrior is one based in history or fantasy, each warrior has their very own code of honor, the way they go about being their warrior self.

What we see is that our greatest warriors do not look for a fight. They only fight when they have no other choice.

I think of Mr. Myagi from The Karate Kid; it wasn’t until violence visited his literal doorstep did he step in and fight. (Daniel-son is a different story; that guy is a maniac)

But we can see that those that choose not to fight are made of something different (Gama Rays mostly). Their virtues align with the ultimate power that they have. They are great warriors, yet they do not go around beating up people because they know that things usually work themselves out. To fight everything would be a complete contradiction of the will of the Tao.

The Tao Te Ching is the basis for Sun Tzu, the art of war, and most modern heroes and warrior’s character and virtue are based on this methodology.


Because it allows for life to flow as effortlessly as possible. Non-contention.

“It is called the virtue of non-contention

It is called the power of managing people

It is called being harmonious with Heaven

The ultimate principle of the ancients”

TTC 68 (Lin)

This is also a virtue that shows up in most disciplined people; the ability to be a great warrior is not practiced to beat up people or win battles but instead be at the peak of one’s potential.

As beacons of human potential, the warrior stands for what is beautiful and powerful about being human even in our fragility; we can conquer ourselves and push past limits that others believe to be impossible.

That’s what the warrior is about. Not engaging in any opportunity to increase our ego. Discipline and overcoming our lower selves are the virtue of Heaven.

It also speaks to the idea that warriors are not ones to hold grudges they view all people the same like nature does and only when something is in contention with them do they feel the wrath of a warrior.


To be a powerful force is also to create division if the division is created; one immediately becomes at odds with the way things are; to be at odds with the way things are is also not aligned with the Tao.

This is why Jesus the Warrior king taught to turn the other cheek, if they want your shirt give them also your jacket. One can not take what is freely given. The greatest warrior does not fight because they have nothing to fight for.

I feel like I just undid all the rest of the stuff I wrote at the top but I think you get it. Great warriors avoid fighting at all cost. The greatest warriors have nothing to fight for so they freely give up their lives, maybe.

Ima stamp this one as liked.

Pretty cool stuff, Lao Tzu.

Happy Day

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Tao Te Ching Day 71: “The Room” How To Become A Taoist Sage

“I have three treasures

I hold on to them and protect them

The first is called compassion

The second is called conservation

The third is called not daring to be ahead in the world. (Humility)

TTC 67 (Lin)

So, you want to be a Taoist Sage, well here it is for you folks, the secret sauce Lao Tzu was living by 2500 years ago.

1. Compassion- Defined as Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

The first of Lao Tzu’s three treasures is the key to get you into the room. What I mean is this. Compassion is not something that can be faked; it can not be contrived. Compassion must be genuine. Yet, if I am told to have compassion for someone, I can’t just do it. It is not like tying my shoe. I need to know someone to have compassion. I need to care about them to be concerned for their misfortune. Maybe I can do that for the people closest to me, but the world? How can I be compassionate for everyone, even those that I do not know?

This is why compassion is the key to The Room because the only way to have authentic compassion for anyone is to learn compassion for yourself. To know compassion for yourself is to honestly know yourself; if you truly know yourself, you know the world.

“Therefore observe others with yourself

Ovserve other families with your family

Observe other communities with your community

Observe other countries with your country

Observe the world with the world

With what do I know the world?

With this

TTC 54 (Lin)

Stephen Mitchell translates “With this” to “by looking within.” I feel that looking within fits the overall theme properly. We can have compassion for other families by looking at the insanity (haha) of our own families, and so on.

How do we look at our selves? Honestly.

Welcome to the Room of Sagity.

2. Conservation- is defined as the action of conserving something in particular.

Here Conservation is translated by others as simplicity; I have found it to mean focus. If we look at simplicity and conservation, we can see that what comes from these words is a more focused life.

When I remove things from my life, say social media, tv, staying up late, and unhealthy foods, one could very quickly see how the clearing of these things would make my life 1. simpler and 2. more focused on whatever I would like to focus on. Cutting the fat in our lives is such a vital part of Taoist teaching. The unnecessary clutter in our lives keeps us from our 1st treasure, which is Compassion; if I have much in the way of distraction from outside things, how can I care about someone else with misfortune when I am too busy focusing on my excess.

Thus Conservation keeps us in The Room

3. Humility- is defined as a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.

Here is what I have learned of humility thus far in my life. I have had an inflated image of myself in my mind. One that when I wrote out my life on paper did not match up to the stellar God-like superhero I believed myself to be.

Once the idea of who I was matched up with the reality of who I was, was I capable of being of any use to anyone. Once of use, I have to check in daily to remain right-sized.

Humility is spoken of in the Tao Te Ching many times and so often compared to the rivers of the Valley.

“Rivers and oceans can be the kings of a hundred valleys because of their goodness in staying low.” (Lin 66)

Humility keeps us aligned with our second and third treasures. Without humility, we can not see ourselves as the world. Without humility, we can not live a simple, focused life of service to others.

So we can also see that all three treasures work in unison with one another, all-powerful virtues on their own, but together, they represent a fullness of the Tao.

Thus Humility makes us the Servant King in The Room.

Then we can begin to build a room with no walls, that everyone may be a part of this beautiful expression of the Tao. We can live in harmony with all because we are a representation of the Way and our treasures are on display by a disappearing of ourselves and an awakening of our oneness.

Welcome to The Room. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Happy Day.

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