How I Write A Love Story: Part 2

The white stone building stuck out like a surley dwarf amongst a crowd of giants, arms folding and face scowling refusing to move. “The Public Library?” Ted asked looking sideways at Marissa. “Yeah, this place is great. When was the last time you checked out a good textbook?” Marissa said with a smile looking upContinue reading “How I Write A Love Story: Part 2”

How I Write a Love Story: Part 1

  Ted stood, for what felt like the hundredth time this week, alone on the same sidewalk overlooking the pier. How did this keep happening? Was all he could think. He was a good guy, somewhat attractive. He had a good job was consistent and secure. He even read all the books on how toContinue reading “How I Write a Love Story: Part 1”

An Original: Back to Basics

There once was a portrait of a man. Painted by an Artist with an uncommon hand. For the Artist had dreams, he had hopes and love. Pouring into his painting all the above. Crafting a face with a heart full of Grace. Eyes full of purpose and a soul for the chase. He stood backContinue reading “An Original: Back to Basics”